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  1. W

    Latency - AfriHost DSL - Dota 2 SA server

    Hope you okes can help. About a month ago I've seen a hectic increase in latency to the Dota SA servers. Instead of the normal 50 to 60ms we would normally experience on the 10Mbps line, it increased to 350ms. The EU West servers give me better response times on the ADSL. I tethered with my...
  2. F

    Slow Speeds - High and unstable Ping Ref: - [#FVF-670-37602]

    I have been experiencing slow speeds and a high and unstable ping since I do not know when. I have a 2mbps line. My download speeds and upload speeds are fine, but the ping is terrible, which makes it impossible to stream anything. I am talking of a pings between 19 and 800mbps. It appears that...
  3. M

    Extreme Latency During Specific Hours

    I decided to make the change from Mweb to Afrihost because I heard it was much better than Mweb. Since the service started, my speed has been much slower from around 18:00 to 23:00 during the week and around 15:00 to 23:00 on the weekends, I've done checks to make sure I'm not being throttled...
  4. DeSLAM

    Afrihost ADSL Cape Town - Issues may 2016

    Hi Have been experiencing this for the past week. The network status on Afrihost website says all is just fine. However monitoring the network with Pingplotter shows a totally different picture for pings from Cape Town area. Pings show hops to are as high a 670 ms per...