1. T

    Best place in JHB to learn and get a certificate for C#

    Hi All, I hope you are well, I'm looking for the best place to do a C# course, one that will be accredited, can you recommend a company I can contact? Thanks in advance!
  2. A


    Good morning all...this is my first time posting on a forum please advice if there is anyone willing to tutor me in photography I live in JHB south and love photography. I own no equipment of any kind hence the reason I'm on here, I am here to ask for a willing person who wants to give back in...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Artificial intelligence - how machines learn

    Artificial intelligence - how machines learn From Jeopardy winners and Go masters to infamous advertising-related racial profiling, it would seem we have entered an era in which artificial intelligence developments are rapidly accelerating. But a fully sentient being whose electronic “brain”...
  4. N

    Outlook: Tips and tricks thread

    This thread is all about learning new tips and tricks from Outlook: First order of business. Why does Outlook differ on each machine? Tip: You can send/receive files by pressing F9 ...and did you know you can send up to max of 2GB per file on Outlook?
  5. N

    Psychology Masters Survey

    Hi All. I am currently studying my Masters in Psychology through the University of Liverpool and am looking for participants for my online survey. I need people living in South African who are over the age of 18 years old. Please spare 10-15 minutes to participate in an online Masters Research...
  6. D

    So you want to be a programmer...

    Ok, starting with little or no programming experience, how would you go about becoming a successful programmer that people want to employ? Where would you study? What would you study? Which languages? Which certifications would you do? Where would you look for your first job? How long would...
  7. J

    route to take to learn mobile development? android/iphone/blackberry

    can anyone comment on the route to take to learn mobile development? android/iphone/blackberry
  8. S


    Hey guys, I want to learn the C++ language, where should i start? what books should i get? Thanks!:D