1. R

    Liberty Stash Scam?

    Hey all. Writing this to get some information out there. ( outreach attempts on social media platforms are being removed ) If you are aware of liberty stash, then you might thing that it sounds great, which is true - at first. Stashing your spare change every day or month is always a good...
  2. K

    Moving away from Liberty Retirement Annuity

    Hi guys My girlfriend and I are relooking at our RA's with Liberty, we are juniors in this, please bear with this. My girlfriend has been paying R1200 toward her RA for the last 10 years, if I do the math, thats around R144000 cash, but looking at her investment statement, the total investment...
  3. J

    Information Regulator requests meeting with Liberty

    Information Regulator requests meeting with Liberty The Information Regulator says it has requested an urgent meeting with Liberty Holdings to get an understanding of how its data was breached by hackers at the weekend. In a statement issued by the Chairperson, Advocate Pansy Tlakula, on...
  4. M

    Preservation Funds

    Hi guys, hopefully somebody can help me out here. I am 32 years old and I am resigning from my job to move to the UK (my girlfriend got a job there). I need to put the money from my provident fund into a preservation fund. The Sygnia Skeleton 70 fund looks like a good bet. I would manage...
  5. Ivan Leon

    Report: Feds To Hit Fiat Chrysler With Record $105M Fine Over Recalls

    Fiat Chrysler has recently drawn the ire of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over “a litany of failures” with millions of vehicle recalls, including older Jeeps linked to fatal fires. According to a Wall Street Journal report, we now know Fiat Chrysler will face penalties...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Liberty takes British spy agency to task

    Rights group takes British spy agency to court Civil liberties group Liberty said there was “a reasonable likelihood” that GCHQ, MI5, and MI6 spied on its members
  7. J

    Who is attending Liberty Lan?

    Hi Guys, I've never been to a Lan:whistle:, so I just wanted to know is it worth it going to Liberty Lan? My aim is to share stuff. Also what are the rules, if any? Thanks.