license disc

  1. Itsa Trap

    License discs

    Hi Guys Hoping this is in the correct place? Is the 20 days of grace for expired license discs still a thing? Thanks.
  2. DaGenius Pro

    Licence disc renewal

    My wife and I drove to KZN (Newcastle), from Jo'burg a few days before the lockdown started, because we were expecting a baby at the time and she wanted to be home when the baby comes so she can get all the help we needed from the adults as this is our first baby. Now we find ourselves in a...
  3. J

    License disc removal

    Hi Guys this happened to the GF of one of my colleagues, I am not entirely sure on all the details but essentially they were stopped, and for some or other reason the traffic removed their license disc, they got a letter saying at no expense they can retrieve the disc if they "fix" whatever...
  4. R

    Can you renew your License Disc at Spar?

    Saw a sign at the sunninghill Spar that you can renew your license disc, but I have heard contradicting versions of what is required in order to do so. In some cases it’s your renewal form, ID Book/Card and others just the previous years License Form & Drivers license.