1. B

    Friendly Argument: Licensing for Owning Fibre Networks

    Hiya People, I'm doing some research as part of an ongoing intense argument with some friends... (where have you ever heard of such a friendly argument? :D) What we're basically arguing, and what I'm researching, is how a company (group of friends register a company, to make the operation...
  2. M

    Vehicle loan all paid up :D

    So I have finally finished making repayments on my vehicle loan, and have received the NATIS documents from the bank. Got a couple of quick questions regarding the procedure from here on out. I have recently(ish) moved to CPT whereas the car is still registered at my parents address in JHB...
  3. L

    Transfer of ownership of motorcycle

    How much does it cost to transfer a motorcycle onto my name ,I have paid it off with bank and have log book . I have filled in yellow and blue forms.
  4. L

    Licensing music for personal (non-commercial) web site?

    Would like to run a particular Bob Dylan track on a personal web site. Does anyone know what the deal is in terms of licensing? I can only find details for commercial sites. :whistle:
  5. J

    Car registration and Licensing Problem

    Hi :) This is a long story which I shall try make as brief as possible. In 2008, I bought a car from someone in a nearby city, paid cash and returned a few days later with the change of ownership forms , my part filled out, and asked him to complete his section. A few days later I went to...
  6. S

    How do you get a car scrapped?

    When i finished high school, my father bought a VW Volksie for me and put it in my name. The car was able to drive and used it for a short period of time to varsity and back. The vehicle has pretty much rotted away and I have been paying the license fees every year for a car that just stands...
  7. LazyLion

    Argument to be Heard in Performing Animals Case

    The Constitutional Court will hear an application on Tuesday for confirmation of a constitutional invalidity order of certain provisions of the Performing Animals Protection Act. The High Court in Pretoria declared sections of the act unconstitutional as they empower magistrates to issue...
  8. LazyLion

    Apple loses iPhone trademark in Brazil :D
  9. E

    IPTV & VoD SA licensing requirements

    have seen a few threads about proposed IPTV services so below is a summary of the current licensing / regulatory position as set out by ICASA in its Position Paper in relation to Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and Video on Demand (VOD) Services . Summary IPTV services which fall...
  10. D

    Online radio music broadcasting licensing?

    Hello I want to start a small online radio station and have all the technicalities (streaming server, software etc) basically already configured. But before I start racking up my tracks, I want to make sure I'm not going to get sued! What's the deal with licensing in South Africa? Where do...
  11. LazyLion

    The Traffic Guru?

    Does anyone know anything about these guys? Used them yet?
  12. E

    Overview of electronic communications licensing

    Hi Posts below are an attempt to explain how service licensing for electronic communications works in SA. Feel free to post any queries in the thread.
  13. M

    Oracle, the devil in FOSS clothing?

    When Oracle acquired SUN I mentioned that I'm in no way pleased and sceptical, well, seems like Oracle has started making moves to shut down their OSS projects and go after anyone trying to fork it. It started for me when I noticed small changes to the VirtualBox license agreement, and then...
  14. M


    i just downloaded a set of ui icons under the wtfpl. classic.
  15. M

    software licensing - gpl vs lgpl

    i'm wanting to do a range of open source and closed source stuff. my idea is to do it free and foss first and then do some pay-for versions eventually. having only ever done web stuff, i haven't really had licensing issues before, but i understand that using third party libraries may be an issue...
  16. rpm

    Licences on the line

    Licences on the line
  17. rpm

    Internet providers lose out on licences

    Internet providers lose out on licences