1. Thor

    Web Design :: Web Development :: Web Hosting :: PR Konsult :: Affordable Web Design

    Job description: Web Design and Development Location or telecommuting: Based in Cape Town and telecommute. Permanent or part-time: Freelance Junior, intermediary or senior: Intermediary Web Design and Development and Senior Marketing Availability: Always open (Have a small team that assists when...
  2. D

    Evetech Marketing

    Doesn't this bother other people the way Evetech markets their prebuilt pc's that state I7's with 8-Core and Ryzen 16-Core. When you go to their component section they sell the cpu's with the correct specs I7's 4-core and 8-thread and Ryzen 8-core and 16-thread. And on their main page they have...
  3. C

    Online Marketing Case Study Ideas ?

    Hello I'm starting a new website which is solely based on online marketing which is aimed to look in depth of how to market online and how to utilize the Internet to expand your ventures online. And I'm conducting research to discover exactly what people want to know about Internet/Online...
  4. S

    Any one knows Google Adsense Alternatives in South Africa

    I have 5 blogs but I don't make enough money from Google Adsense. Someone suggested Propeller Ads Media said it gives 80% payout to publishers like India, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa, etc. Any knows another alternative I can use in South Africa
  5. T

    My very own BidOrBuy-like website

    Hi I want to start my own BidOrBuy/Ebay-like auction website! I know this is pretty ambitious and or stupid! To compete with them!? Well like Walt Disney said " I like to do the impossible!" The auction part is crucial to my business model. Maybe I will bring in a 'buy now' model/option...
  6. C

    Social Media Engagement's Impact on a City's brand

    Hi All I am a 2015 MBA student at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), the Business School of the University of Pretoria. As part of my MBA, I am currently conducting a study to determine what impact Social Media engagement has on a City's brand? What we want to understand...
  7. M

    Front-end Developer @ MADE

    MADE is the home of new-age digital development, social media and marketing solutions. We cater to a range of premium local and international companies and brand houses. We’re currently looking for a [mostly] front-end developer to join the production team and work with us in building unique...
  8. IndigoIdentity

    Companies or Consultants that specialize in website / e-commerce marketing?

    Agencies or consultants that specialize in web marketing? Hello everyone! As the title suggests, I am in search of names / contact details of agencies and private consultants that deal with web marketing, specifically in relation to an e-commerce website and on an ongoing basis. I do...
  9. antowan

    Next level ROBOT TELEMARKETING! She denies being a robot! The phone call came from a charming woman with a bright, engaging voice to the cell phone of a TIME Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer. She wanted to offer a deal on health...
  10. J

    Facebook shows companies what you like

    Facebook lets companies see your “likes” Facebook is reportedly allowing certain companies to view what users have “liked” on the network.
  11. A

    Marketing for small medium business

    Marketing is essential for every business. But the cost of marketing should be as per the business turnover. MY SALES DIALER launched a dialer for android phones, which is same as call center power dialer It dials list of contacts automatically. Sends messages to the persons you want and reminds...
  12. Rouxenator

    What town is used in that Standard Bank ad?

    This has been bugging me for a while now. There is a Standard Bank ad that start off with "Here is a town" and then it features all the people in the town like the chick that got a bakery business going and the Willemse moving into their new house and some other girl on her way to varsity...
  13. M

    E-marketing: bulk SMS & email soutions

    I'm looking for something that ultimately integrates a common db of users for sms and email. It should have a web frontend where users can manage subscriptions / unsubscribe. Does anything like that exist locally? Clickatell's web frontend seems to do the sms side well and...
  14. S

    Vodacom Marketing Budget

    Friend and I were having a chat today about the new R100, 100 anytime minutes deal offered by cell C which we heard advertised on the radio this morning, and eventually we ended up discussing the budget of the mobile network operators lol. Just as a matter of interest, would anyone here have...
  15. M

    SEO for beginners - a summary for clients

    For those of us who are all too familiar with the client who asks: "how do I get to the top of SERPs" Glad I'm not the only one that has to endure this :)