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  1. Solarion

    Mars Rover open source (Github)

    Thought you might be interested. The link is in the article.
  2. jes

    NASA’s next Mars rover will hunt for signs of life

    NASA’s next Mars rover will hunt for signs of life The next robotic rover to explore Mars in 2020 should scour the surface of the red planet more closely than ever for signs of past life
  3. jes

    NASA tests new Mars Rover prototype

    NASA tests new Mars Rover prototype NASA scientists are testing a prototype of a robot the US space agency hopes to send to Mars in 2020
  4. jes

    Mars Curiosity rover forges onwards after computer problems

    Mars Curiosity rover forges onwards after computer problems The Mars rover Curiosity is humming again after being stopped by back-to-back computer problems.
  5. jes

    NASA's Mars rover Curiosity plans a road trip for the new year

    NASA's Mars rover Curiosity plans a road trip for the new year For the new year, Curiosity plans to set off toward a Martian mountain – a trek that will take up a good chunk of the year.
  6. J

    NASA keeping Curiosity find a secret

    NASA keeping “historic” Mars find a secret NASA keeping quiet on Curiosity’s big find
  7. J

    Curiosity uses Foursquare to share Mars locations

    Curiosity checks-in to Mars with Foursquare NASA’s Mars rover has used the location-sharing app Foursquare to “check-in” on Mars
  8. J

    Curiosity finds evidence that water was once present on Mars

    Curiosity finds water-transported gravel NASA’s Mars rover has discovered gravel which originated from an ancient water stream which once existed
  9. J

    Curiosity honours engineer with rock analysis

    Curiosity analysis begins in engineer’s honour The latest Mars rover will begin tests on one of the red planet’s rocks, which has been named after a lead NASA engineer
  10. QuintonB

    Opportunity Mars rover makes puzzling discovery

    Older Mars rover makes startling discovery NASA’s Opportunity rover, older brother to the Curiosity rover that landed on Mars last month, has made a new discovery that geologists find both puzzling and exciting, the US space agency said Friday.
  11. J

    Curiosity has been outstanding

    Curiosity is running “flawlessly” NASA has said that the Mars rover has performed according to plans and the results so far have been “outstanding”
  12. J

    Mars Rover could contaminate potential water supply on Mars

    Curiosity could contaminate Mars If water is found on Mars, Curiosity could contaminate the supply due to an exposed drill bit
  13. J

    Mars Rover prepares to test its robotic arm

    Curiosity ready to test robotic arm NASA’s Mars Rover has temporarily stopped to test its on-board tools before continuing the mission
  14. J

    Curiosity completes first test drive

    Curiosity has “smooth sailing ahead” NASA’s Mars rover completes first test drive and is ready for the mission ahead
  15. J

    NASA Mars Rover readying for mission with a test drive

    Curiosity prepares for first “test drive” NASA’s Mars rover will perform a test run prior to starting the official mission on the Red Planet
  16. J

    Curiosity fires laser at Martian rock

    NASA Mars rover takes aim NASA’s Mars rover fires first Martian rock with on-board laser
  17. QuintonB

    NASA rover to explore "cool" spots on Mars

    Mars rover taking a “cool” detour NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity will make a wide detour to explore a “cool” geographical hot spot on Mars
  18. J

    Curiosity shows off a panorama of Mars

    A panoramic view of Mars Curiosity beams back images for a full 360 view of the Red Planet
  19. J

    Plans for NASA Mars Rover

    NASA Mars rover: what’s next? With NASA’s Mars rover having landed on Mars, what’s next for Curiosity?
  20. J

    South Africa helped NASA Mars rover make it to the red planet

    NASA Mars rover helped by SA The SA National Space Agency is proud to of assisted in NASA’s Mars mission