1. Kevin Lancaster

    Secure Messaging Takes Some Steps Forward, Some Steps Back: 2016 In Review

    Secure Messaging Takes Some Steps Forward, Some Steps Back: 2016 In Review This year has been full of developments in messaging platforms that employ encryption to protect users. 2016 saw an increase in the level of security for some major messaging services, bringing end-to-end encryption to...
  2. S

    MyBroadband Messaging System

    Hi MyBB, I seem to have an issue with the MyBroadband messaging system. My messages dont show in sent items and its making me really ponder if I sent a message or not. The last messages I have in my sent items are dated 2013. I also am not sure if the recipient received my message. Is...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Line mobile messaging firm launches massive IPO

    Line mobile messaging firm launches massive IPO Japan’s Line Corp will launch the country’s largest initial public offering of the year when it lists in New York on Thursday and Tokyo on Friday.
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Messaging app wars take new turn

    Messaging app wars take new turn Mobile instant messaging has become big business as more smartphone users spend a greater amount of their time on them.
  5. W

    Lost text (sms: messages from overseas

    Hi, I'm having what I think is a "porting" problem. I've recently returned to Cape Town from a job in Australia. I got a CellC starter pack, and used that for 3 weeks, but found the signal wasn't strong in the area I've rented a room. After asking the folk who live there, I decided to port...
  6. J

    Facebook reportedly in talks to buy Whatsapp

    Facebook to buy Whatsapp? Facebook said to be in talks to buy popular messaging service
  7. N

    1toGo Mobile extends its range of Cloud unified communications services using cPanel

    Johannesburg, South Africa – 1 October 2012: 1toGo Mobile (, a provider of mobile Cloud based IP PBX and unified communications services, has announced the launch of new mobile Cloud unified communications services powered by the Commu****te Systems (www.commu**** Unified...
  8. jes

    Is WhatsApp the SMS-killer?

    Is WhatsApp the SMS-killer? Can applications break the choke-hold network providers have over SMS-like messaging?
  9. LazyLion

    Thunderbird 3.0 released! Local link to follow....
  10. rpm

    MWEB launches Nimbuzz

    MWEB launches Nimbuzz