1. T

    Advice needed on Telkom Mobile - Please HELP!!!

    Hi ladies & gents, I am currently on Telkom ADSL but the lowest speed (1mb) and my cap is 10gb per month. Im looking for change :D, im looking for better speeds for Downloading and browsing for Wifi for my tablets etc. PLEASE HELP and advise. My area map on Telkom mobiles website indicates...
  2. NeonNinja

    More MiFi's, don't let it fly by!

    For those who never got to cash in the first 1000 or 8000. Afrihost is giving away more free devices on the Twitter + Facebook platform for the entire week (26-08-'13 - 30-08-'13). @Afrihost: All need do is watch either platform; copy the promotional code (posted) here...
  3. NeonNinja

    Afrihost Mobile Delivery Feedback Thread

    Well done to Afrihost for shaking the mobile broadband market in South Africa @ R29/GB. Posting of feedbacks in this thread.
  4. P

    Can Neotel Mi-Fi work with wi-fi router?

    Hi All I read today that Neotel will be launching a 100GB (1 year) pre-paid deal with Mi-Fi device for about R2200 which I'm quite keen on. Now I presume the Mi-Fi does not have a LAN port... Does anyone know how one would connect this to an existing home network? Currently I use 8ta's 60+60...