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Oct 13, 2013
Hi ladies & gents, I am currently on Telkom ADSL but the lowest speed (1mb) and my cap is 10gb per month.
Im looking for change :D, im looking for better speeds for Downloading and browsing for Wifi for my tablets etc.
PLEASE HELP and advise. My area map on Telkom mobiles website indicates that I have 3G coverage but no LTE :(
I have a pc and use the ethernet cable to connect to my Billion 400G ADSL router.
Im thinking of going the Telkom Mobile way and looking to take one of their data contracts.

These are my considerations for a modem/router:
1. Huawei E5331
2. Huawei B683
3. Huawei E5776

I would really appreciate some help making an informed decision as to which of the above are the best modem to go for in terms of reliability, speed etc. Can they all connect to a PC that does not have Wifi?
Most importantly.... what are your views on Telkom Mobile? Is it more reliable than Telkom ADSL? If I go that route, I will not be changing to any other Network as I will take a contract with them. I look forward to your'lls input.