1. M

    Megane RS Reliability And Alternatives

    Hi All I am looking at the following cars (in order of preference) 2012 Megane RS 265 2005 Nissan 350z 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Also looking at, but not mad about: 2013 Ford Focus ST Budget about R160k I LOVE the Megane RS the most but im so concerned about running costs and reliability...
  2. J

    Is Webuycars reliable?

    The price difference between dealerships and Webuycars is quite significant. From my research, I have found that I will not get protected by CPA when buying from them. I am quite tempted to buy my first car from WBC but I am a bit skeptical about them. What was your experience of buying a car...
  3. GipsyD

    W205 C220d/C250d AMG Sedan vs W204 C350 CDI AMG Sedan - Daily Driver

    One of my family members is looking to upgrade their daily driver. Currently, he drives a C200 AMG Kompressor Sedan (W204) as his daily driver. Recently, the car started to give him grief, and has ultimately decided it was time to upgrade and move on. He has decided to repair the car as best he...
  4. S

    Mazda CX-7 Reliability

    Howzit everyone. Was hoping to get some advice/feedback regarding the Mazda CX-7. Upgrading from a 2008 Opel Zafira B 1.8 and looking at a 2010 2.3T or 2.5. Most Mazda's are pretty reliable but the one model being a Turbo, I am a bit weary as I will be driving the car for a few years and heard...
  5. Jamie McKane

    What is the most reliable car you have ever owned?

    Out of all the cars you have owned, which was the most reliable?
  6. K

    Bmw 118i or Audi A3 2L

    I am looking at these two cars as options to buy a sporty hatch. I like both the bmw 118i and the Audi A3 both 2010 models but im not to sure which to choose. I would like to know which out of the two cars is the better buy with regards to cost of spares as well as which car is more reliable...
  7. S

    Reliable used car

    What brand or cars would be considered reliable for commuting especially if they are older than 10 years?
  8. S

    ISP Suggestions - Fast, Reliable, ~300GB data p/m

    Hi there everyone, So, I am in the process of searching for a new ISP and as trial offers are few and far between, I thought I would reach out to all the good people here on mybroadband ;) What I need is speed and reliability. I have a 10Mbs line and run a business from home (everything...
  9. L

    Cheap cars to service and maintain in South Africa? Also, reliability?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but joined specifically for this question. I see some of the older posts are a bit outdated and therefore really want some fresh perspective on a good choice for a small run around or just an all round economical, reliable and inexpensive car to service and...
  10. L

    Reliable Wireless ISP covering Kuilsriver

    I am sure there has been a lot of discussion about this but I cannot find a recent post. I have been unable to get Telkom to install a line at my property in Zevenzicht. After 6 weeks of "we will contact you back" I gave up. In the meantime I posted a request with WAPA and also contacted a...
  11. T

    Best Huawei Router???

    Which is the best Huawei Router/Modem to get? 1. Huawei E5331 2. Huawei B683 3. Huawei E5776 Can they all connect to a pc without Wifi? My area only covers 3g and not LTE so a ittle sceptical of changing from Telkom ADSL. Advice would be appreciated.
  12. T

    Advice needed on Telkom Mobile - Please HELP!!!

    Hi ladies & gents, I am currently on Telkom ADSL but the lowest speed (1mb) and my cap is 10gb per month. Im looking for change :D, im looking for better speeds for Downloading and browsing for Wifi for my tablets etc. PLEASE HELP and advise. My area map on Telkom mobiles website indicates...
  13. C

    Peugeot 407 reliability and general Peugeot ownership rating.

    Hi there, I would love to get any feedback or general impressions on Peugeot reliability and satisfaction, specifically the 407's. About to trade my BMW X5 3,0 2003 petrol, which has been an absolute pleasure to drive on the 5 days a month it isn't having an insanely priced breakdown of...
  14. D

    Any reliable reseller hosting in SA?

    Hi I registered to post this question as I am having trouble finding a good host. I was hosting with WA but my clients were constantly having problems accessing their mail (server going down and needing a restart, firewall taking 4 hours to deliver mail, temporary authentication issues to...
  15. S

    Hard drive reliability study

    Hard drive reliability People often ask for recommendations when buying a new HDD. Here's an interesting article stemming from a data recovery company in Russia detailing their experiences. Their findings are interesting and in line with my experience so I think we can apply it, to a certain...