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  1. T

    NashuaMobile and MTN - R9 million airtime credit - what a deal!

    I logged onto the Nashuamobile site earlier to check my MTN account balance - I was ecstatic to see that on an anytime 200 contract over 24 months, I had an airtime balance of R9 798 193 - what a deal! check the screenshot here: (you may need to zoom in)...
  2. S

    How do you check balance on MTN Anytime contract?

    Hi. I have an MTN Anytime 200 Topup contract, with 25 free SMSs, and would like to know how to check my remaining airtime and SMS balance. What numbers do I dial, and how much does it cost each time I check?
  3. B

    Value of packages on MTN

    Hi Guys, not sure if this is the right thread. I needed to upgrade this month, and was comparing the old xxxcall packages with the new Anytime packages. On a Procall 150, you pay R350 pm, get 150 min to use "WHENEVA!". Peak is MTN to MTN is R2.05 and offpeak R0.95. Billing is per second. On...
  4. mh348

    MyCall 100 to AnyTime100

    I have a MyCall 100 Contract, currently paying R129, can I convert the contract to a MTN AnyTime Contract? I'm with MTNSP.