1. M

    [UK] Police investigate ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters received across UK

    Police investigate ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters received across UK
  2. S

    14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for bringing homemade clock to school
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    “Throw pork chops at Muslims” complaint: BCCSA rules

    “Throw pork chops at Muslims” complaint: BCCSA rules The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA has reprimanded Jewish radio station Chai FM for broadcasting content that amounted to hate speech
  4. W

    A Muslim journey through Creationism and Evolution

    Related Threads: * Introduction to Islam * Muslim call to Christians * Redirected Arguments The following is an account of my own journey through creationism and the Theory of Evolution (ToE) My journey starts back in my primary school days, when, during a lesson, the teacher commented...
  5. LazyLion

    Muslim religious leader to visit Auschwitz

    Fourteen Muslim clerics from across the globe will visit the former Nazi German Auschwitz death camp in southern Poland next week as part of a Holocaust awareness and anti-genocide program, organisers said Friday. "This is an opportunity for imams who are influential in their communities to...
  6. LazyLion

    Soldier Stoned to Death for Alleged Affair in Pakistan

    A soldier has been stoned to death in Pakistan's restive tribal northwest over allegations of an affair with a teenage girl, officials said Wednesday. A tribal council in the town of Parachinar, close to the Afghan border in Kurram district, ordered the sentence on Anwar-ud Din, who was about...
  7. LazyLion

    'No Public Outcry' about Muslim Murder: Court Hears

    Roedolf Viviers, who is accused of murdering a Muslim man, should be released on bail as there is no legitimate public outcry against his release, the Krugersdorp Magistrate's Court heard on Tuesday. "An expression of anger by family and friends does not equal a public outcry," said Viviers's...
  8. LazyLion

    Police arrest two for Muslim man's murder :wtf::erm: There were two police officers on the scene???
  9. W

    Introduction to Islam

    Introduction to Islam (alt URL: Other threads by me: * Journey through Evolution * Muslim call to Christians * Redirected arguments This thread deals with the basics of Islam, and aims to dispel myths and misunderstandings. Please refrain from embedding pics and vids...
  10. A

    Muslim medical students boycotting lectures on evolution

    Read more here:
  11. S

    'Carlos the Jackal' on trial for 1980s bombings in France

    Note his terrorist affiliation. 'Carlos the Jackal' on trial for 1980s bombings in France A man known as "Carlos the Jackal" stood trial in Paris on Monday, accused of fatal bombings in France during the 1980s...
  12. W

    Stoning and the Shariah

    Stoning as a maximum punishment for a very limited type of offence is part of the Shariah. However it is positioned more as a deterrant than as an actual punishment, as it is practically impossible to attain a conviction in a fair Shariah court. This thread derives from some discussions in...
  13. R

    Muslim shops in Durban..!

    Hi guys, does anyone know of a muslim shop around the durban area thats sells robes etc..? cheaper the better.. Thanks
  14. M

    everybody PLEASE.

    Please delete "Muslim Extremists" from your mind. There is no such thing that the extreme of Islamic belief is to become a terrorist. Thats like accusing a rapist who happens to be christian as a "Christian Extremist" or other sins with other religions. Everyone thats NOT misguided knows about...
  15. M

    Muslim PC sues after workmates 'laughed at his beard'

    Full story Follow the link to see his pic.
  16. LazyLion

    Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West This is the DVD they are talking about... I got it from one of the local torrent sites. Just watched it tonight. I don't think it is as bad as they make out in this article. The DVD clearly...
  17. M

    Outcry after French court rules on virginity

    Full story How the hell do you prove that you're a virgin? :confused: