1. J

    mvix portable hard drive question

    hi guys i got a mvix portable 120gb, internal 2.5" hard drive crashed.... Now i wanna replace it 1. To what size hard drive does it allow (to be replaced with) 2. can i use a 7200rpm 2.5" drive? Or must i go with what the original drive was i.e 2.5" 5400rpm. 3. how and where would i get...
  2. medicnick83

    MVix ?!?

    Who in Cape Town sells MVIX players? I think Esquire does, but anyone else know if ANYONE else does?
  3. E

    Second Valentine Gift ideas from Esquire

    Hi All Today has been a really memorable day as we sold 548 units of the Esquire Car Mp3 Modulators in the five hours of trade , this has been our highest sales on a single product for one day trading, we still have 450 units left from the shipment of 1000 units that arrived on Friday As...
  4. mercurial

    Best multimedia player

    Sorry, I am not too clued up about multimedia players. A friend of mine wants to get one of these - the ones that hook up to the telly. I've heard about MVix and the likes. What would you recommend? Thanks.
  5. LazyLion

    MviX MV6000R for R1,349.00 - TODAY ONLY!

    If you have been looking for an MviX player you will know that these babies are the best in the range... and you will know that they are not cheap! I only post this here because this is indeed a bargain! Normally R1,799.00 - Save R450.00 TODAY ONLY!
  6. Voodoo

    Mvix MV2500U VS Mvix MV6000R?

    Need some opinions please. Which one would you buy and why? They basically cost the same without hard drive. Thanks. :) Cheerz Voodoo