1. T

    Database design (MySQL)

    I have 2 tables, entity_A and entity_B. entity_A has a field that links to one or more records in entityB. entity_B has only a handful of records (say 20), while entity_A has a few thousand. What is the best way to design for this? It doesn't seem to make sense to have entity_B have an...
  2. S

    Free Cybersmart hosting

  3. C

    Best Linux hosting provider

    Not sure if this is the right forum, feel free to correct me if not ;) I'm looking for a Linux hosting provider for my website. I signed up with Axxess recently because they were the cheapest whilst offering MySQL, but I'm not at all impressed with the features and speed (I take it to be...
  4. I

    MySQL insert query

    Hi guys, Ok this is a n00b question: :o I have 2 tables: a) Table_Seller sellerID(PK) sellerName b) Table_Property propertyID(PK) property_address sellerID(FK) The problem I have is; When ever a seller registers, their details (name) is inserted into the...
  5. acidrain

    Some help with Delphi and MySQL

    Hi guys, Ok, at the moment i have two sql database forms ( frmMember and frmBook ). Now im following in the book on adding these two forms to a new project and the book says i must do the following: Project | Add to project and select the unit ( which in this case is C15e02u ). Now save the...