1. K

    FNB eBucks

    Hi all! How much do you get back on eBucks since the "new rules" have been applied from 1 July 2018? I am currently with Nedbank and get back around R150 on my Greenbacks but seeing all these cashback offers on fuel, Checkers, etc. makes me want to consider moving to FNB. What do you think?
  2. F

    FNB vs Capitec vs Nedbank for savings pockets

    Hi all! I'm a very happy Capitec client. My favorite feature is the multiple savings pockets. Makes budgeting and saving towards goals that much easier. Unfortunately they only offer a maximum of four. Nedbank offers 10, so that seems pretty damn good. Unfortunately they apparently...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Nedbank MasterPass misinformation – what you need to know

    Nedbank MasterPass misinformation – what you need to know Bankers and call centre staff at Nedbank have told clients they must install the MasterPass app to shop online.
  4. M

    Std Bank to Nedbank now where???

    Hi All, At the beginning of the year I had a standard bank Prestige acc which I closed and moved to Nedbank for a lower fee structure (R135pm for platinum bcz I'm a young professional) and the hope of better service. I'd been with std ever since my parents opened an account for me when I was...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Nedbank steps up security against scammers

    Nedbank steps up security against scammers Nedbank’s new big data security tool will help the bank’s clients avoid being victims of fraud
  6. M

    FNB vs ABSA vs Nedbank

    Hi Guys, I'm with ABSA and wanted to increase my home loan amount to expand my wifes business. When I approached ABSA it took them forever to come back with a response and they wanted to increase my interest rate drastically! I've been banking with them for 20 years and never had any bounced...
  7. T

    "Good" Home loan interest rate

    Anyone know what a "good" interest rate on a home loan would be? Got offered 8.59% (Prime -0.66%) by Nedbank on a 2Mil home loan. Is that any good? Still shopping around though.
  8. S

    Recent experiences with homeloan application

    Took some time to write up my recent experiences over in Health, Wealth and Leisure and figured I may as well post something here with proper tags. I recently went through the experience of buying a home and applying for a bond and thought I'd write up something on my experiences for...
  9. jes

    Online banking in SA: the best and the worst

    Online banking in SA: the best and the worst Columinate’s 2014 Internet Banking SITEisfaction survey reveals which bank has the happiest Internet banking clients
  10. jes

    Critical security bug gets South Africa sites and hosts scrambling for a fix

    Critical security bug gets South Africa sites and hosts scrambling for a fix A serious bug in OpenSSL has South African websites and hosting companies scrambling
  11. R

    SA bank of the year

    SA bank of the year The 2014 Business Times Intellidex Bank of the Year survey reveals the best bank in South Africa
  12. jes

    Best and worst banks in SA

    Best and worst banks in South Africa The South African Customer Satisfaction Index ranks South Africa’s banks based on their online banking, cellphone banking, apps, ATMs, branches and more
  13. P

    American Express Cards worthless in many overseas countries - Dont bother getting one

    Banks! I know exactly how bad service feel! I have an American Express platinum card through Nedbank, I was stuck in the Seychelles on praslin island in Jan'14, unable to book out my hotel or draw cash as none of the banks, hotels or travel agents will accept my Amex card, I had my kids & wife...
  14. QuintonB

    No M-Pesa on Nedbank ATMs

    M-Pesa dropped from Nedbank ATMs Vodacom has informed clients that Nedbank ATMs will soon be unavailable for M-pesa transactions “until further notice”
  15. QuintonB

    MTN reveals Business SA Apps of the Year winners

    MTN Business SA Apps of the Year winners MTN Business has named its App of the Year Award winners for 2013
  16. QuintonB

    Massive cash injection for Cell C

    Cell C receives massive cash boost Cell C has announced two significant inflows of long-term capital, including an initial equity investment of $350 million from its main shareholder, Oger Telecom.
  17. M

    Best SA Bank for e-commerce

    I would like to here your thoughts on what you believe to be SA's best bank for e-commerce is. We are in the process of setting up a new site and now obviously need to decide on which bank to host our merchant account. Personally I heard that Nedbank was best...Due to their e-commerce card...
  18. C

    Nedbank and PayPal

    Hi all, I'm new to the whole online transaction game and so I'm naturally cautious when it comes to dealing with credit cards and online transactions etc. I'm wanting to create a PayPal account but am unsure of several things (excuse my ignorance :p): - Will I be able to link my PayPal...
  19. LazyLion

    Nedbank Suspends sponsorship of local cycling team after positive drug test! Wow, this seems like a completely tainted sport! :(
  20. R

    Best bank for home loan ?

    HI all I'm doing some research on Home Loans and what banks are the best and easiest to get the process going ? So far its shocking: FNB: Fill in forms all you like ! No one calls you back ! Nedbank: You can't fill in the home loan form if you NOT on a WINDOWS PC !!!! StdBank...