1. M

    Best SA Bank for e-commerce

    I would like to here your thoughts on what you believe to be SA's best bank for e-commerce is. We are in the process of setting up a new site and now obviously need to decide on which bank to host our merchant account. Personally I heard that Nedbank was best...Due to their e-commerce card...
  2. C

    Nedbank and PayPal

    Hi all, I'm new to the whole online transaction game and so I'm naturally cautious when it comes to dealing with credit cards and online transactions etc. I'm wanting to create a PayPal account but am unsure of several things (excuse my ignorance :p): - Will I be able to link my PayPal...
  3. LazyLion

    Nedbank Suspends sponsorship of local cycling team after positive drug test! Wow, this seems like a completely tainted sport! :(
  4. R

    Best bank for home loan ?

    HI all I'm doing some research on Home Loans and what banks are the best and easiest to get the process going ? So far its shocking: FNB: Fill in forms all you like ! No one calls you back ! Nedbank: You can't fill in the home loan form if you NOT on a WINDOWS PC !!!! StdBank...
  5. J

    Nedbank App now available for Android users

    Nedbank app live for Android users Nedbank has on Monday announced the launch of the Nedbank App Suite to Android phone users
  6. jes

    Consumer choice in South African banks

    Consumer choice in South African banks New study indicates consumer market share of South African banks
  7. LazyLion

    Khoza warns of rogue state I love this guy... he has his head screwed on right! :D
  8. jes

    Nedbank promises many apps this year

    Nedbank promises many apps this year More news imminent at August 1 results; says platform most secure in SA
  9. jes

    Absa is last to board app bandwagon

    Absa is last to board app bandwagon Among the big four consumer banks, Absa is the last man standing without a concrete app announcement
  10. QuintonB

    Nedbank beta App launched to staff

    Nedbank App enters beta Nedbank staff have been given beta access to the Nedbank App Suite ahead of the planned public release.
  11. Eniigma

    Nedbanks Approve-IT system

    What do you guys and girls think of Nedbank's new Annoy-IT, um I mean Approve-IT service on their internet banking? For those who don't bank with Nedbank, basically whenever you start to do a sensitive transaction, say add a new beneficiary or transfer money from a savings account to your...
  12. J

    New security feature at Nedbank - Approve-It

    Link Anybody had any experience with this?
  13. Jan

    FNB 22seven security solution: Banks respond

    Banks respond to FNB’s move to “allow” 22seven South African banks respond to FNB’s support for secure third-party access to online banking.
  14. M

    Nedbank Private Banking

    I've read through a couple of threads on the forum but I couldn't find sufficient information on this. A Nedbank Private Banker want to meet with me tomorrow to invite me to open up an account with them. I want to know what could I expect? Will they move over my vehicle finance and bond to...
  15. jes

    Who do you choose for mobile money transfers?

    Who do you choose for mobile money transfers? Background and price comparison
  16. jes

    Vodacom and Nedbank to reinvent M-Pesa

    Vodacom and Nedbank to reinvent M-Pesa Why Vodacom’s M-Pesa has gotten off to a slow start in SA.
  17. LazyLion

    Nedbank - You have to uninstall IE9 and go back to IE8.

    So all of our browsers updated during the night, now we can't access Nedbank. When I phone the help desk the lady told me we have to uninstall IE9 and go back to IE8. Way to prepare for an upcoming upgrade Nedbank! Shot! You guys Rock! :mad:
  18. Daruk

    Nedbank + Amex + Greenbacks

    I am sick of my bank calling me (they called on Friday, I told them off, and they just called AGAIN a minute ago) to tell me that I can earn double my greenbacks if I use American Express instead of VISA. They give you the whole blah blah about Amex being accepted in most places and that I...
  19. rpm

    Vodacom-Nedbank M-PESA here soon

    Vodacom M-PESA here soon Vodacom and Nedbank today announced a joint initiative to bring M-PESA to South Africa.
  20. D

    Nedbank building on fire

    The cause of the fire is not known.