1. jes

    Neotel uncapped consumer WiMax unveiled

    Neotel uncapped consumer WiMax unveiled Neotel has launched two NeoFlex WiMAX Lite services aimed at the residential market
  2. jes

    Neotel to launch new packages

    Neotel to launch new packages Neotel will continue to focus on consumer offerings with new data packages and devices in the pipeline
  3. N

    Neoflex boxes from Samsung

    I LOVE NEOTEL! since getting mine I have cut my bill by 50% but... a client installed a 3CX with Grandstream GW410 routers. They got the Neoflex boxes from Samsung and since then nightmares. The lines hiss and crackle, clients tell us to stop pushing buttons. The porting and the hunting went...
  4. J

    Neoflex Speedtest Douglasdale

    Hi there, Well my Neoflex speed have been fantastic since 5 Dec. I think this conclusively proves that when people go on holiday the towers have the correct level a signal share. So I guess it really is up to Neotel to upgrade their towers for better network spectrum share as there really...
  5. rpm

    New pricing for Neotel NeoFlex, NeoConnect consumer products

    New pricing for Neotel consumer products Neotel adjusts NeoConnect Prime and NeoFlex Data product ranges in a move towards a new pricing methodology
  6. D

    NeoFlex/Connect vs iBurst Wireless

    So I've had iBurst for about the last 3 and a half years and I've been quite happy with it. I was lucky enough to be in a good location for it and got about 100kb/s downloads (so long as I don't try to torrent). I understand it's not the best bang for buck, but due to the fact that I'm...
  7. L

    Regarding Neoflex Data 10G - AxcessMV400

    Hi Friends. I am using NeoFlex data plan for the past 5 months. I would like to block some of the sites using this Axess MV400 Wireless Router..?? Can any one please suggest me What do I do...?? Thanks in Adv. Regards Lakshman
  8. S

    Using a Neoflex Router as a Modem and connection a Router as the access point?

    hey all We trying to set up a better Wireless network because the wireless(not the Neotell internet connection but the local network)we are getting from the neoflex router is extremely unstable(keeps going down) and does not have a big enough wireless distance. What we thought we could do...
  9. M

    NeoFlex Routers Out of Stock!!!!

    To the Neotel Rep, I have been waiting since begining of Dec for a new Neoflex Router, which was handicapped by the firmware update. I believe it has a rare problem that disables the Web GUI, and Ethernet/Wifi. Only current way to use it now is thru USB, which sucks, as i cannot get it in a...
  10. D

    NeoFlex VIOP SIP Server

    I have a NeoFlex device and the one downside is that I cant use it to make calls. However, there should be no reason for me not being able to use an SIP softphone like X-lite or the same to do my calling. Does anyone know of a way to do this... I dont want yet another account with another...
  11. I

    Neoflex Firmware Update available here:

  12. L

    Odd problem with PPC, WiFi and Neoflex router...

    Hi All I have a very weird problem that I dont know how to solve. I have 3 devices PC, PPC (SE Xperia X1), Xbox360. PPC and xbox connects to my Neoflex router via wifi. PC using ethernet. Before i got my PPC, the wifi of my xbox works fine and have been connecting to my network without any...
  13. W

    Neoflex data

    Any news on when Neoflex Data will be launched?
  14. rpm

    Wireless Gaming: Neotel

    Wireless Gaming: Neotel
  15. rpm

    Wireless Gaming: Neotel

    Wireless Gaming: Neotel
  16. rpm

    New offering from Neotel

    New offering from Neotel