1. Kevin Lancaster

    Neotel launches new broadband service

    Neotel launches new broadband service, cuts prices Neotel is set to launch a new wireless broadband service at low prices
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Neotel hosting billing concerns solved

    Neotel hosting billing concerns Neotel data centre bandwidth and power consumption misreporting issues have been fixed
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Neotel NeoBroadband LTE vs Telkom SmartInternet Unlimited

    Telkom SmartInternet Unlimited vs Neotel NeoBroadband LTE Telkom recently launched SmartInternet Unlimited, offering “unlimited” mobile data for R1,699 per month. Here is how it compares to Neotel’s NeoBroadband LTE service
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Neotel vs Vodacom: Fibre broadband prices

    Fibre broadband prices: Neotel vs Vodacom Vodacom and Neotel recently unveiled their latest fibre-to-the-business prices – here is how they compare
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    New Neotel fibre broadband prices

    Big Neotel fibre broadband price cuts Neotel has released its new NeoBroadband Fibre prices, which offer significant savings over the company’s previous rates
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    MyBroadband 2014 conference in photos

    2014 MyBroadband conference in photos The 2014 MyBroadband conference took place at Gallagher Estate on Tuesday, attracting a record crowd and hosting the top players in the telecommunications market
  7. QuintonB

    Neotel cuts fibre prices

    Neotel cuts fibre broadband prices Neotel has announced price cuts to its fibre broadband packages
  8. Jan

    MyBroadband conference 2014 begins, live streaming options

    MyBroadband conference live streaming The 2014 MyBroadband conference kicked off at Gallagher Estate today, with live streaming thanks to Mindset.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Fibre-to-the-business prices ranked

    Fibre-to-the-business prices compared Vodacom recently unveiled its fibre-to-the-business prices – here is how they stack up against competing products
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Give your comment on the Vodacom-Neotel deal

    Give your comment on the Vodacom-Neotel deal Icasa has asked the public for comments on the planned acquisition of Neotel by Vodacom
  11. D

    Can a Telkom landline number be ported within a dialing code?

    I had a Telkom landline (Bellville number 021 948 xxxx) which I then ported to Neotel. That worked great and my Neotel line has worked well except for some dropped calls. We've now moved and there are signal issues with the Neotel line (poor coverage) and I've had a Telkom line installed (in...
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Top 10 cellphone brands in South Africa

    Top 10 cellphone brands in South Africa The Sunday Times Top Brands Awards reveal the most liked mobile phone, telecoms, and tech brands in South Africa
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Cell C to fight MTN-Telkom deal

    Cell C to fight MTN-Telkom deal Cell C is opposing the planned network sharing deal between MTN and Telkom
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    MyBroadband Conference 2014 – the best ever

    MyBroadband Conference 2014 – the best ever The annual MyBroadband Conference will take place on 30 September 2014 at Gallagher Estate, and promises to be the biggest and best to date
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Outlook uncertain for fibre to the home in SA

    Fibre to the home obstacle in SA: uncertainty Some industry players have said that regulatory uncertainty is restricting their investment in fibre to the home networks in South Africa
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Neotel relegates ADSL to the History channel

    ADSL belongs on the history channel: Neotel The latest advertising campaign by Neotel takes aim at Telkom’s ADSL product, saying it belongs on the history channel
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Neotel's fibre and Wi-Fi rollout plans for Cape Town

    Neotel’s big Cape Town fibre plans In addition to rolling out infrastructure to connect government sites and offer free Wi-Fi, Neotel is planning to offer FTTx services
  18. QuintonB

    Faster networks, cheaper prices from Vodacom-Neotel deal

    Neotel-Vodacom deal: lower prices, better networks Subscribers should look forward to a combination of lower prices and faster speeds following Vodacom’s acquisition of Neotel
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    MyBroadband conference will be bigger and better

    Biggest ever MyBroadband conference planned The 2014 MyBroadband Conference promises to be the biggest event of its kind in South Africa, with an unmatched line-up of industry experts
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    MTN receives spectrum from Icasa despite opposition

    MTN quietly scores controversial spectrum Icasa has issued MTN with spectrum despite opposition from rivals