1. Kevin Lancaster

    Slow number porting in SA

    Slow number porting in South Africa MTN, Neotel, and Vodacom weigh in on what causes delays in porting numbers from one network to another
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Best and worst broadband connections in SA

    Best and worst broadband connections in South Africa MyBroadband’s latest survey reveals which fixed and mobile broadband services are rated as the best in South Africa by tech-savvy consumers
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Cell C will use any legal avenue to kill Vodacom-Neotel deal

    We will use any legal avenue to kill Vodacom-Neotel deal: Cell C Cell C said that it will use legal avenues if necessary to prevent the planned deal between Vodacom and Neotel
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Best broadband speeds for South African gamers

    Best broadband speeds for SA gamers Online gaming platform Steam shows us which gamers have the fastest international connection
  5. C

    NeoBroadband Wireless in Greenstone

    Hi all. I am looking to get NeoBroadband Wireless in Greenstone Ridge from March - does anyone have this and can advise on the signal and also the installation and what needs to go up on the outside wall, if anything. Also - looking to get the 4mb uncapped package - does anyone stream on...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Vodacom-Neotel deal: Yes or No

    Vodacom-Neotel deal: Yay or Nay South Africa’s largest telecommunications operators are divided on whether the Vodacom-Neotel deal should go ahead
  7. W

    Netflix & Hulu on Neotel NeoBroadband

    My patience has run out with my unstable Telkom line, and with no upgrades planned for my area in the near future, I have been looking around for alternatives. Applied for a BitCo service, but there is no clear LOS and application was therefore declined. My next option is to consider Neotel...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    FTTH a big winner in Vodacom-Neotel deal: Joosub

    FTTH a big winner in Vodacom-Neotel deal: Joosub Vodacom’s CEO says the planned deal with Neotel will accelerate investment in fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-business
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Vodacom-Neotel deal crucial to meet SA’s broadband targets

    Vodacom-Neotel deal crucial to meet SA’s broadband targets: Vodacom CEO Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub argues that consolidation is crucial if South Africa is to meet broadband targets
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Vodacom-Neotel deal can be fatal

    Vodacom-Neotel deal can be fatal: Cell C Cell C warns that Vodacom’s planned acquisition of Neotel will hurt its business, and can have a devastating effect on the local telecoms market
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    R4.3 billion digital TV tender in doubt: DA

    R4.3 billion digital TV tender in doubt: DA The Democratic Alliance has expressed concerns over a recently closed tender for digital TV set-top boxes
  12. QuintonB

    A decade of SA broadband speeds

    South African broadband speeds: 2002 to 2014 From 512kbps ADSL to 100Mbps fibre: we look at how SA broadband speeds have evolved from 2002 to 2014
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Neotel turns 8, still going strong

    Neotel – 8 years old and going strong Neotel turned 8 in August – here is what Neotel CEO Sunil Joshi is excited about, and what keeps him awake at night
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Biggest broadband developments this year

    Biggest broadband developments in 2014 This year saw many important developments in the South African broadband market. Here are some of the highlights
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Biggest South African tech stories in 2014

    Biggest South African tech stories of 2014 2014 was an exciting year in the South African IT and telecommunications market – here are some of the biggest stories from the past twelve months
  16. Z

    Life After Mweb - Neotel - whoopeee!

    Hi guys, just had to share a quick before and after pic. The first is on 3-line bonded Mweb. 2nd on NeoBroadband Fibre 15mb. :) BEFORE AFTER
  17. N

    Neotel EVDO Wireless Router

    For Sale/Trade Template Item name : Neotel EVDO Wireless Router Age and condition: NEW ( opened packaging to check contents ) Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes ( 1 year ) Reason for selling: no need for device Price: R1500 ( fyi paid R1650 directly from neotel ) Negotiable...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    How to make broadband cheaper

    How to make broadband cheaper: Cell C CEO Cell C’s CEO is urging network operators to work together to build a single network to offer mobile broadband services to consumers
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    MTN raises concerns over Vodacom-Neotel deal

    MTN concerned over Vodacom-Neotel deal MTN has contacted communications regulator Icasa and the Competition Commission to express its concerns about a R7 billion merger deal between rival mobile operator Vodacom and fixed line player Neotel
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    New uncapped, unshaped NeoBroadband Wireless prices

    New uncapped, unshaped NeoBroadband Wireless prices Neotel has launched its new NeoBroadband Wireless products, offerings speeds between 1Mbps and 10Mbps