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  1. J

    MTN: Unwanted Billing

    Hi. The following is what I in desperation posted on HelloPeter: "I have an MTN pay as you go number. I received a three SMS messages yesterday, 08/07/2018, that read as follows: - REMINDER: You are subscribed to Music TV at R2 per day. To opt out dial *464*970#. Your next renewal date...
  2. J

    Caught afrihost stealing data!!

    Hi Everyone, As a fist time poster, apologies if this is in the incorrect section. After signing up to afrihost mid April 2018. I have still not received access, after they have taken the money from my account (starting the day I signed, long before I received the router). I have still...
  3. T

    Telkom Issues - Assistance Required

    Hi Guys Hopefully I can get some advice here. For the past few months I have had terrible internet access where at times I connect at under a MB in speed. At present I am suppose to be on a 10MB account. On first logging this issue some time in May the poriginal fault was opened for about 4...
  4. Stevi

    [OLD] Unable to get 4G/LTE? Your SIM needs to be provisioned

    NEW THREAD: Hi All, I upgraded to the Samsung A3 last week, but seem to be having problems getting a 4G connection. The Vodacom assistant did the sim swop to the micro sim, and said all the settings...
  5. Twista

    Afrihost - Dedicated Server Hosting and SUPPORT PATHETHIC

    I know there are other threads that berate Afrihost's Hosting performance but I have to start another one to highlight my frustration. I have been decent for almost two months now. Afrihost has the most disastrous India Support team ever on the face on human kind. They actually mutilated my...