1. capek

    Rain 5G Standard + VPN: Download Speed Drops by 90%

    I have ordered the Rain Unlimited Home 5G Standard package and also get 30 MB/s Download speed in Cape Town City Bowl. However, when connecting via a VPN (NordVPN) to their nearest server in South Africa, speed drops to 2-3 MB/s which is not what I should get. Usually, the speed drops bei 10-30%...
  2. N

    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ OpenVPN

    Hi Guys I just got in a Asus AC-1200G+. I want to set it up with NordVPN however Nord doesn't support PPTP or L2TP. I figured I need to use a 3rd party firmware however has anyone had experience with this. Has anyone found a working version of Open Source firmware that enables OpenVPN on one of...
  3. object

    xiaomi tv box + nordvpn

    Hi All, Does the xiaomi tv box work well with Nord VPN?