nosiviwe mapisa-nqakula

  1. Jan

    South Africa's Minister of Defence vs the US Secretary of Defense

    Simple comparison explains why South Africa's ministers are so bad at their jobs Last week's deadly riots and looting exposed the incompetence and lack of accountability in South Africa's cabinet — especially the crime prevention and security cluster. President Cyril Ramaphosa acknowledged...
  2. Jan

    Biggest deployment of South Africa's army since 1994

    South Africa's biggest army deployment since 1994 South Africa is expected to deploy the largest number of defence force members in the country since 1994 to help law enforcement officials clamp down on the rampant looting and public violence that has plagued much of KwaZulu-Natal and parts of...
  3. Jan

    Army to deploy 20,000 more troops in South Africa to quell violence and looting

    Army deploying thousands more troops in South Africa South Africa will significantly ramp up the number of soldiers deployed to help quell riots following days of looting and destruction of businesses, after the government said a military presence may be helping to ease the violence. Defence...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    State Security an “employment agency” for connected ANC kids: report

    State Security an “employment agency” for connected ANC kids: report The State Security Agency has become an “employment agency” for the children of senior ministers and political figures with the “right connections”, according to a report in The Sunday Times
  5. QuintonB

    What R1.2 billion SA spy satellite?

    R1.2-billion SA spy satellite questions dodged: report The Minister of Defence declined to answer questions on the purported bungling of a R1.2-billion spy satellite project