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    Add payfast fees to woocommerce order page

    I wonder if this feature request would interest any other woocommerce shop owners: This image illustrates how it could look: It can't be that hard to develop, so hopefully if enough people...
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    What is your favourite payment method when shopping online?

    This is if you came across a local South African online store.
  3. D

    Recurring payments with Wordpress and Payfast

    Hi, How do I setup a Wordpress site to get recurring (monthly) payments through Payfast? Seems WooCommerce charges extra for this?
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    Using either Payfast or Paygate for my Shopify store. Got any tips?

    I'm starting an online store using Shopify. I want use Paygate or Payfast as my payment gateway, but I've read a lot of negative reviews about them, especially on Hellopeter. The problem is that is information is outdated by almost a decade. Is there anyone who uses them or who has used them...
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    Split payments payment gateway for marketplace site

    Hi everyone, i was hoping someone could shed more light on this, I have developed a marketplace website [People sign up to sell and users buy] Currently - They pay me, goes into one account and then manually pay the vendors, which is not the best way to do things, I have heard sage pay...
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    CivCRM and PayFast

    Hi, I am trying to connect CiviCRM with my PayFast account through OmniPay (as suggested). However, the configuration is a bit tricky. Before sinking more hours into this, has anyone successfully integrated the two systems? juro
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    Best way to receive small payments online

    Hey all, What is the quickest and best way to receive small payment from someone, anyone, if I have a small online service. Examples: Hosting site, typically small payments ie: R49pm Dating site, typically R100pm Email Validation service, R200 per 1000 etc etc I understand there's...
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    Payment Gateways, 3D Secure, Mastercard and Visa

    Hi all, I'm investigating a phenomenon that we are seeing with our MyGate payment gateway. Every time a MasterCard is put to 3D secure, the payment fails. Front end experience by customers who fail into this narrow category is sketchy, but it sounds like they can't get passed the screen that...
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    Latest Gumtree scammer

    Hey guys Put my LG Optimus L1 on Gumtree recently, and received a reply from a Johnny who wanted the phone for his friend in Kempton Park. Offered me R200 extra for shipping. I accepted and they offered to pay via PayFast. Fake payment notification was e-mailed to me from
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    How to use credit loaded with Domaincheap

    Hi Can someone who used domaincheap "loaded credit" tell me how to use the credit topup for domaincheap. I loaded credit (what an issue ! gremlins between payfast & domaincheap interface) . Finally sorted Now i need to use the credit for renewing domains but i dont find any option...
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    PayFast - what's your experience?

    I'm in the process of setting up an online business and am looking at accepting a variety of payment methods through PayFast. I've already read a bit on about them on this forum but the information seems a bit outdated. What do you reckon about them at this stage? I'd like to hear from...
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    Payfast tackles online payments

    Payfast tackles online payments