1. Chevron

    Prepid vs Post Paid by Country

    Came across this while doing some research and thought it was quite interesting. Surprised by Japan.
  2. N

    MTN 79c prepaid place plan and the PAYG bundle promos - Q&A

    So, after MTN announced the new 79c per minute promo, I went to website to gather more information and also check that I am getting the best prepaid deal(s). I then saw the PAYG Bundles which have the same call rate (79c) but come with added extras. "Dial *141*2*794# and one can select the...
  3. threegee

    Advice? Best Vodacom PAYG solution for SMS only?

    Hi all Could anyone offer me some advice on the cheapest way to have a PAYG card that is sending SMS messages only. I currently have a standard PAYG card but during testing of the monitoring system to which this card is connected it chewed up R110 of airtime in 3 days. I then reloaded with...