Advice? Best Vodacom PAYG solution for SMS only?


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2007
Hi all

Could anyone offer me some advice on the cheapest way to have a PAYG card that is sending SMS messages only.

I currently have a standard PAYG card but during testing of the monitoring system to which this card is connected it chewed up R110 of airtime in 3 days. I then reloaded with R50 airtime and then bought an SMS bundle for R50 which gives me 200 SMS messages, the only problem with that is the bundle is only valid for 30 days. So that would mean I would have to load a R50 sms bundle every month to make sure it does not run out of SMS ability. Problem with this is that number and frequency of SMS message will vary from month to month so it would be best to have standard airtime that does not expire at the end of 30 days but not where we are paying a huge fee for each SMS message.

Is there any PAYG option designed specifically for cheaper SMS messages?