personal information

  1. N

    SANRAL name used fraudulently to obtain banking details

    SANRAL Fraud Hotline has detected a scam where an imposter represents themselves as SANRAL personnel and starts off by confirming the person’s personal details - including ID number, name and address. The SANRAL customer is then informed that SANRAL wants to reward them with a R1500.00 cash back...
  2. LazyLion

    SABRIC Warns of Identity Theft Scam

    Banking authorities warned consumers on Monday against a new scam designed to trick people into compromising their personal information. "The latest scam targets home computer users and is masqueraded as legitimate telephonic calls from reputable computer software stores," the SA Banking Risk...
  3. G

    Has Momentumnet lost your personal information too?

    I received a phone call last week from Momentumnet last week saying that they had lost some personal parameters during an upgrade. I obviously refused to give a stranger my details. I called them today to report an error, and the consultant confirmed that they had lost parameters during a...
  4. jes

    South African law to better protect personal information

    South African law to better protect personal information The Protection of Personal Information Bill will supplant certain sections of the ECT act that deal with “unsolicited communications”
  5. John Giles

    Parliament has gone mad?

    Hi, The South African parliament has gone into overdrive. It is creating law faster than ever before. I feel like I can’t keep up - and I’m a lawyer. I feel overwhelmed. It takes a lot of time to read new laws and the cost of complying with them is often huge. Many of these laws are...