1. N


    Just trying to find out information before i sell my stuff. I am relocating in November so got quite a few things i would like to sell. Not sure about the price though. The TV is second hand. Using universal remote and i have had it for around years. Working perfectly and comes with brackets.
  2. E

    Luno Additional Crypto Options

    Which additional crypto's would you trade if Luno were to add it? Probably nothing will come of it, but would like to see the interest. Currently only the other 3 'Top 5' on the poll. Link To Poll
  3. H

    Acer Predator X34 Demand Poll for South Africa

    I would like to find out how many people are interested in buying a Predator x34 monitor so I setup this poll:http://www.strawpoll.me/11517988
  4. C

    Have you stopped using Afrihost this month, or thinking about it?

    So I was just wondering, and wanted to get a rough idea (cause we'll never see those numbers) of how many people have cancelled their account or are thinking about leaving... http://strawpoll.me/4674609
  5. LazyLion

    Pupils Want Books, Classrooms: Poll

    Textbook shortages and crammed classrooms are the biggest problems facing schools, a study revealed on Friday. Pupils polled by consumer insights company Pondering Panda said the top three problems were a lack of textbooks, overcrowded classes, and incompetent teachers. The study was...
  6. S

    MyBB Poll on Front Page - incorrect poll statistics

    Hi. This morning I discovered that the stats in the Poll on the front page of the MyBB website are wrong. Grab your calculator, and tell me if they make sense: Totaling the YES and NO votes doesn't add up to the total. Calculating the percentages of each answer also doesn't add up. The...
  7. D

    DStv Subscription Options - Suggested Alternative

    DStv Subscription Options - Suggested Alternatives I'm sure this question have been asked before, but I'd like to see how many (if any) agree with my argument. It's no secret that the DStv Premium bouquet have reached a point where it's almost impossible for the middle-calls, average person to...
  8. E

    Which spam management approach do you prefer?

    Opt-in: You only receive direct marketing you have consented to receive or which is relevant to a recent commercial relationship you had with the sender. Opt-out: You only stop receiving direct marketing when you ask to stop receiving it through unsubscribing from a distribution list.
  9. jes

    Google is top in corporate reputation

    Google is top in corporate reputation Google has the best reputation of any US company while failed insurance giant AIG's name is the worst, according to a corporate reputation poll released Monday.
  10. D

    What Internet Do You Have???

    Like The Topic Says!!
  11. mercurial

    New Poll Shows Shrinking Regard for Science