1. K

    Who is going for the Yusuf Cat Stevens concert?

    So i am sure a lot of you have read the bizarre article published on News24 by Glenn Bownes titled: All aboard the anti-hate train. He is making things up and twisting Cat's words... Now people like this are the real bigots, trying to deter us SA fans in not going. Sorry though mate, the...
  2. E

    Your favourite Indie Pop / Indietronic songs

    Hey everyone. So recently I have gotten into indie pop and indietronic. There are some amazing songs in this genre but they can be difficult to find. Below is a list of songs I really like. if u guys could add to it and give me some similar ones that would be great. Also you guys can try out...
  3. carstensdj

    International POP/SMTP Setting

    Hi All, So quick question as i have never needed to setup email for international reasons... A client of mine is going over to Germany and Europe next month and wants me to setup his email so that he can send/receive whilst abroad. His email is a "@telkomsa.net" email address. What...
  4. T

    FYI : MWeb POP acces number change

    For those who still uses the old Mweb POP numbers, take note that the new number to use is 0860 28 6932 Regards Libs
  5. rpm

    Multi-service PoP in Johannesburg

    Multi-service PoP in Johannesburg