1. K

    Macbook M1 - SA availability

    Afternoon Y'all. I want to find out, has anyone been able to get their hands on a new Macbook Pro/Air M1? I'm on the waitlist online and at two stores since end-November, and all that anyone can tell me is that they don't know when they are getting stock in?
  2. A

    Apple MacBook Pro 15" (2017) with Touch Bar

    Item name: Apple MacBook Pro 15" (2017) with Touch Bar Age and condition: late 2017 Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: moving to ipad only Price: 33,000 Location: Sandon JHB Shipping or collection: collection Apple MacBook Pro 15" (2017) with Touch Bar and Graphics...
  3. hjst45

    Xiaomi M365 Pro Dashboard

    Item: Xiaomi M365 Pro Dashboard (generic), suitable for both normal and Pro version of the scooter. Comes with dashboard cover Age: New Price: R500 Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: New Location: East London Reason: Sold scooter before item arrived Shipping: Yes R99 Collection: Yes
  4. rubber_otter

    Quarantined with the P40 Pro

    Day 0: Lockdown is imminent. I have just gotten my Huawei P40 Pro in the nick of time. It’s a 256GB, 8GB RAM, Matte grey version. I unbox it. This thing is heavy. I like it. I quickly run through the set up and immediately fire up the camera. The 90Hz screen makes everything smoother than...
  5. C

    Do Macs drop in price when anticipating new releases?

    Hi all. This is for anybody who has observed any (even one) instance of price drops for ‘current’ MacBook models in anticipation of newly announced/released MacBooks. Does the istore silently go on sale? If so, what is the typical reduction? Do they continue to rob people blind for as long as...
  6. ponder

    Win10 activation...

    Hmm, Win10 was upgraded from Win7 Pro years ago, activated and ran fine up until today... wtf?
  7. RazedInBlack

    Moon Studios CEO Trashes PS4 Pro Compared To The Xbox One Scorpio

    Moon Studios CEO Trashes PS4 Pro Compared To The Xbox One Scorpio
  8. NeonNinja

    TuneIn Radio recordings

    Any way to access the content recorded off TuniIn Radio? I've tried google. And all results in first two pages are futile. Any aid would be appreciated.
  9. S

    I Need a Macbook Pro Charger (85W)

    Hi all Does anyone have a spare macbook pro charger I can buy? They cost a fortune in the shops and Core don't have stock... C
  10. R

    sony bravia 3 vs bravia 2 pro?

    hey all im trying to find the difference between these two maybe someone can help or point me in the direction of another forum that can im looking at the current offerings from sony namely the klv-40v550 - BE3 @ 11500 on special normally 12k klv-40w550 - BE3 + 100hz motionflow @ 16500 on...