1. phly

    Rain LTE Promo

    Since all the hype of late has been about Rain - I thought it wise to mention a promo I came across of the standard Rain Fixed LTE packages - I am not affiliated with the company in any way and I only came across this as I was helping a friend get a good affordable Rain package and I haven't...
  2. S

    Telkom ADSL promo 2015 q about night surfer

    Howzit mense. I have a 2mb line with a 10gb cap on one of telkoms do bundles(not sure which btw).They have initiated their promo and so i noticed that i have double the data cap :D (i.e 20 gb) every month from the beginning of October 2015 till sometime in 2016. What i need to know is whether...
  3. S

    Telkom internet promo going into July?!:)

    :)So it's the 1st of JULY and my email from telkom this morning shows that i still have 10GB for this month.Can anyone clarify whether the night surfer is still around so that we can schedule uTorrent to bleed the bandwidth dry between 12 and 6 a.m.:twisted::twisted::twisted::D
  4. NeonNinja

    Another 4000 free devices? Afrihost
  5. C

    Multiple 60 + 60Gb promo bundles

    Good day, I have a SIM with a 60Gb + 60Gb promo bundle on it. It is not finished yet and I'm still using the data. It seems that the promo will end at the end of March. Do you know if I can load another one onto the same sim on top of the current bundle? Meaning to load R1800 airtime...
  6. T


    Hi forumites, Yesterday I saw this short TV ad about Vodacom's upcoming something something they dubbed Free4Sho. The voice over artist said something about free stuff where you don't have to wait for a certain hour or to get the freebies, (this is out of context but it's something along...
  7. D

    MTN iPhone Promo and your promised 250MB

    If you're in South Africa, have an iPhone, use MTN as your network operator and have an additional automatically recurring data bundle (500MB/1GB/2GB/whatevs) then this will be relevant to you. In order to get an iPhone on contract with MTN (ie, you did not buy your own iPhone privately) you...
  8. S

    Free 3 month ADSL trial on 1mbps uncapped line!

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I just bumped into the following promotion on the Telkom website: Basically, you get free 3...
  9. LazyLion

    1 TB Hard drives for R785.46 from CSSI! Don't ask me why the advert price excludes VAT... but there it is. R785.46 with VAT for a SATA WD10EAVS HDD Call CSSI in Joburg at 011-541-9900 (received by my e-mail)