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    Home Owners Association Dictating Rental Agreement

    Hi there, I have a question related to sectional title where the Home Owners Association is dictating what lease agreement to use. I have a problem with this as their lease agreement is not as comprehensive as the one I use as a standard. Here are the facts: When buying the property from the...
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    Buying property with partner

    I want to buy property with my partner, don't know if and how its possible to do so even if we are not married. We plan to marry at the end of the year but we saw a very nice property which we really like. And how will that arrangement change when we eventually get married. Any help appreciated
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    Renting vs Buying ; House vs Complex

    Hi Everyone, I am currently considering purchasing my first property. Have been renting for close to 3 years. I currently rent a 2 bedroom in Morningside. My brother (student) stays with me and my mother had to move in with us in July last year due to a Covid related retrenchment. She has...
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    Refinancing A Property Held By A Trust

    Greetings all, A trust, of which I'm a trustee and beneficiary, owns a fully paid up property. I would like to find out if it is possible to refinance such a property i.e. take out a bond in the name of the trust, similar to how an individual can refinance a property they own. Thanks in...
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    Investment: Utopia Nature Estate

    Have been looking around at property options and came across some reasonable holiday homes at Utopia Nature Estate. (to be used for holiday rentals) Looks like a very beautiful area with lots of potential, I noted the following as well: 1) The rates are the same for every property @2900pm...
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    Landlords, how did you start your property portfolio?

    You are able to use the banks money (home loan) to essentially buy and secure property assets for yourself, get tax breaks thereupon and earn passive income. This is incredibly simplified and obviously this isn't without a substantial degree of risk. A disgruntled tenant can make your life hell...
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    Advice on buying property in North Riding

    Hi Considering buying a property in Northriding. I feel that Northriding does offer good value for money. It is going to be in a complex with 24/7 security. Just wondered if it’s the right move. it is on Derby drive, Any thoughts, advice etc would be welcome. We did see a lot of workers...
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    Tenants Rent?

    Hi there, My husband and i are in the midst of purchasing a property. The owner has got a tenant in that refuses to leave which is delaying the whole process for transfer. We just got slapped with two huge bills... One for the conveyancer and one for rates and levies... My question...
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    Purchasing a Property Privately

    Hey everyone, So, I am interested in a property for sale in a complex in Gauteng. It has been on the market for over a month and is not being sold on a sole mandate, but rather through 2 different agents. Unfortunately the price is just out of my range. However, a friend of mine who stays...
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    Estate Agent fees

    Hi all, I need some advice regarding the sale of our house. 2 weeks ago I started advertising my house on Gumtree and a few Facebook for sale groups. I had numerous agents contacting me asking to help with the marketing or they have people looking for houses in our area, etc. I give them the...
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    Selling property privately

    Hi everyone, I am selling my property privately and used for advertising. Can i also advertise on private property at the same time... Thanx any help appreciated.
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    Pinehurst Estate Durbanville

    Hi everyone I am looking at property in Pinehurst Estate in Durbanville and would love feedback and tips / things to be aware of etc. The property prices seem to be rising fast and I'm wondering how long this will be sustained ... (Not that I am asking anyone to predict the future) If you...
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    Calling all builders, property agents - Buying/building for the first time

    Hey all, I'm 26 and finally in the position to buy property. After days of reading and research I still have no idea what to do. I've got around R300k for deposit and able to put a maximum of R13k per month. In case I'm building, I'm able to get all the building bricks free of charge...
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    Second property: To sell or not to sell

    So, I currently have 2 bonded properties: My primary residence where I have paid off next to nothing (about R900k outstanding) as well as an apartment which I bought with a friend. On the apartment I would make about R100k if we sell it now (after CGT etc). I would like to buy a bigger house...
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    where to stay in Cape Town's Northern Suburbs?

    Hi I'm not from Cape Town but have recently started working in the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town (Plattekloof to be exact). Short of asking a real estate agent (may as well ask an encyclopaedia salesman if I need encyclopaedias) as to which areas are safe and affordable to either rent or...