1. M

    Cape Town Deeds Office

    Does anyone know how long a transfer of property takes currently once all paperwork has been lodged at the deeds office? I've heard horror stories of it taking 5 weeks to 3 months last year. But an attorney told me in Jan 21 a few of their transfers took 3 to 5 working days. Anyone know how...
  2. N

    What should I consider when purchasing a property to let?

    Hi all I am looking to buy an investment property to let in CT and I was wondering what are the different considerations for a prospective investor? Besides rent yield and capital appreciation, what are the other important considerations? Thank you in advance!
  3. G

    Property Investment Advice

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone out there has a take on this development on the West Coast, Western Cape? * * Im looking at...
  4. S

    Investment: Utopia Nature Estate

    Have been looking around at property options and came across some reasonable holiday homes at Utopia Nature Estate. (to be used for holiday rentals) Looks like a very beautiful area with lots of potential, I noted the following as well: 1) The rates are the same for every property @2900pm...
  5. Supersoaker

    What silly lockdown restriction has delayed your 2020?

    We decided to buy a house. Transfer fees were paid and paperwork was signed off, from there it went to the deads office where it remained for the next 3 months. Our lease was meant to expire at the end of February 2020. We then spoke to the rental agency and they were willing to extend the...
  6. M

    HouseME - for landlords

    Hi all, Has anyone used this company to rent out their property? Rates look good and seem like they are based in Cape Town. I have a two-bedroom apartment in Cape Town area that I currently live in and want to rent out as I am leaving the country in mid April. I also want to leave the...
  7. B

    Buying a House: 72 Hour Clause and Competing Offer?

    I'm in the process of signing a competing offer on a house that's already under an offer, which is subject to sale. My offer would only be subject to bond (already pre-approved). The tricky part is: in order for the seller to give the first buyer 72h notice, i'd have to register a bond and pay...
  8. D

    Investment questions for first-time property investor

    Hi everyone, I'm in my late twenties living in Cape Town and would like to buy a property as a first-time investor. I don't own any other properties nor do I have any debt and am looking at something under R1 million (I can comfortably afford the monthly bond incase i don't have tenants). I...
  9. S

    Quick question: Rental Income Tax

    Hi guys I am a total newbie to tax stuff. I hope you can help me. Just quick questions. I bought a flat property on November 2017. Rent out R 8000 per month started on December 2017. FYI, I have a job. I earn extra income as rental. Rental Income: R 8000.00 Levy: (R 1644.90)...
  10. H

    First time home owner - how do you get the electricity bill in your name? (CT)

    Morning, As the title says. We took ownership in July, rates bill is already registered to us, but the elec account is still under the seller's name so I can't get it online or emailed to me via COCT site. I can't find anything clear online about how to change this. Does anyone know if we...
  11. B

    Can I cancel a property sale in light of new negative information?

    Hi Everyone, I am new to MyBB, but am hoping someone can assist. A few weeks ago I purchased a property as an investment. It is a flat in a new complex which I plan on renting out. So far, I have signed the offer to purchase, received bond approval, and the lawyers have contacted me to...
  12. S

    Is This Rental Agent Unethical, Illegal or Partially Fair?

    Hello everyone! So this is a very tricky rentals situation I'm in and I'm hoping someone with deep insight can give me an answer or advise on what I can do in this situation. In September 2016 I found an apartment to rent on Facebook. I contacted the agent and they said that I can apply to...
  13. D

    Portals diversifying of platforms and mergers

    So, to keep up to date on happenings in the market, i thought i would start this thread to find out more information. I find the South African E-commerce space to be very interesting and complex, so i keep tabs on whats happening in the market. This is more of a hobby then work related...
  14. M

    Offer to Purchase validity period

    We have signed a sole mandate with an agent to sell our property. He brought us an offer which was valid for 30 days which ended 25 May. There is a clause in the OTP stating if the Purchaser doesn't acquire finance within the OTP validity period, he has an automatic 14 day extension. 6 weeks is...
  15. L

    Container Homes, Can it work in South Africa?

    Seen some fabulous pictures of container homes (apparently very cost effective in some countries) Does it work in South Africa? Can it work in South Africa? Has anyone tried it out? Does something sounding like a low-cost luxury container home estate make sense? Or is that just an...
  16. C

    Is Anfield Village, Pinelands a good/safe place to stay?

    Hi All, It is possible that I will be relocating to CPT the company that I work for is in Pinelands, and I see that Anfield Village, is close by. So my big question is, is Anfield Village a safe place to live? If not where else can I try? Many Thanks!!!
  17. epah

    City Bridge won't give back Deposit

    Good day guys. I need help getting my deposit back From City bridge properties. These people own The Collosseum apartments in Johannesburg, Val Du Charron in the western cape and other businesses. In January 2016 I rented an apartment at the Collosseum and because I wasn't working at the...
  18. B

    DIY Self-catering Accommodation

    I have a 4 bedroom house that I'm not living in and don't want to sell. There is also a second dwelling on the premises ("granny flat"). Would it be possible to convert the main house into two separate units and then have three self-catering units to rent out? I know there are various...
  19. C

    Buhrein Estate? A good buy?

    Hi Everyone We are in the market to buy a house and we are trying to find a new development to avoid paying transfer fees. We recently went to Buhrein Estate and had a look at 2 of the show houses in Bortoli Villas and Seville. The houses look very nice both on the outside and inside, and...
  20. O

    The evils of Estate Agents and Ending Rental Agreements

    Hi, Recently, we bought a house and ended our rental agreement with a certain estate agency as we took residence in our newly purchased house. As part of the process, an agent did an inspection of the townhouse we rented and noted that the carpets were dirty - in my and my wife's opinion...