1. P

    Best Wireless Providers and Bang For Your Buck?

    I've had an Iburst modem for two years now and fall JUST within their coverage area with downloads speeds of -+300kbps. I'm moving quite soon but don't know where I'm moving to yet. A couple days ago I checked Cell C's website out and saw that I'm well within their 'coverage area' and decided to...
  2. DWPTA

    Local podcast providers

    Hi Anybody know where I can upload to a podcast provider locally?
  3. jes

    Consumers choice in cellular network providers revealed

    Consumer choice in cellular providers revealed A new survey reveals which cellular providers consumers prefer
  4. jes

    2010 Broadband Survey live - win prizes for participation

    2010 Broadband Survey live - win prizes for participation The yearly Broadband Survey has been launched, with R3000 cash and an iPod Shuffle up for grabs.
  5. T

    Where can one find a list of WISPs and WIFI providers?

    Any threads on MyBB about this, that list good and bad ones perhaps? Only has a list that I know of. BTW I'm interested in JHB areas.