1. Ninja_Theory

    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    Anyone playing EFT by Battelstate? I'm hearing good things in general and the devs seem to be giving it plenty of love. 2019 roadmap: Next update - next big fix and optimization iteration Bugfixing (which lead to almost all the problems in the game - gameplay, network, performance) Sound...
  2. B

    Horde PVP on Sylvanas

    Hi guys, Are there any horde saffers on Sylvanas that would like do arenas and maybe later RBG and WPvp. Gear and skill not important atm as the aim is to team up, do arenas and hopefully improve.
  3. R

    Archeage Guild

    Archeage Guild Recruiting - Debauchery Tea Party Join us in playing one of the most innovative new mmos to come out in years. Debauchery Tea Party is a predominantly South African guild with a broad focus and interests in pvp, trading and crafting. Guild Info Interests: Battlegrounds...