1. P

    Help With Query Structure

    Hi All, Im going to try to simplify this question as much as possible, but this one has me stumped. I have 3 tables. A "Vehicles" Table, A "Vehicle Service Schedule" Table, and a "Loads Done By Vehicle" Table. In the Loads Done Table, You select a vehicle, add the delivery address etc...
  2. C

    Afrihost trade download for upload speed?

    Hi I live in Benmore Gardens and pretty soon I'll be getting my 4Mb line upgraded to 10Mb. I'm with Afrihost and I was wondering if there might be an option to maybe sacrifice part of your download speed for more upload. I think that this may be a stupid question but oh well. Any help would be...
  3. H

    MTN issues, require help

    Hey everyone, need advice here. Okay so our domestic worker got herself a new phone by MTN. Within 2 weeks she started getting problems with the phone but decided to wait a month before taking the phone in to be fixed. It went in for 3 weeks, however soon after being “fixed” it acted up...
  4. S

    AD Queries - Exclude Disabled Accounts

    Hi, I have created an AD Query to show all users in the domain that have an account on the exchange server. I would then like the query to exclude all disabled accounts at the same time. Anyone know how to do this? Cheers
  5. K

    Cybersmart Nightrider

    Hi All I am finally using the nightrider offering from CS, and thus far all has been OK... BUT, I have just received my usage stats and it seems as if they have not done the divide by 5 thing on my 1:59 - 7:59 downloads for the 6th - shows 1GB total and reflects 1GB total. I am busy...
  6. M

    SQL Query

    Hi I am using oracle sql and I want to produce the ffg output but am having problems. I want the comma's to be replace with spaces but I cant figure out how to do it. SQL> SELECT To_Char(123000,'999,999,999.99') 2 FROM dual; TO_CHAR(123000, ---------------...
  7. xrapidx

    SQL Query - merging to data sets.

    Ok, I'm having an off day at work, and can't figure this out. I need to join two tables, that have no key to join on. TABLE A has a list of items, and their features. e.g. ITEM_NAME, FEATURE_NAME, FEATURE_VALUE Laptop1, RAM, 2GB Laptop1, HDD, 160GB Laptop1, Display, 14" Laptop2, RAM...