rain apn

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    Rain throttling speeds unnecessarily

    So there aren't that many people using in my area, so there's no point in throttling the speeds and displeasing their customers. I switched from the off-peak unlimited to the 24/7 unlimited deal, and I am so frustrated with the slow speeds i'm getting. I would understand why they would throttle...
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    HORRIBLE Customer Service

    I have sent numerous emails to rain support as I am not a client personally, however somehow one of the rain clients is using my card details and my account has been debited twice in the last 2 months! I need to remove my card details from the users account and no one is responding to any of the...
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    Rain Mobile Network

    Anyone else experiencing slow Network Speed? Or have I just reached my usage threshold?
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    Rain APN - Vodafone mobile router

    Please help I have a Rain sim and would like to use it with a Vodafone mobile router. however I am struggling to configurate the APN etc. What is the IPv4 + IPv6 APN ? and the IPv4 + IPv6 APN DNS1 ? it will not allow me to go further without this information. Or is there another way around...