1. S

    Business Closing, Job Losses, Corona and life

    hi everyone hope everyone is safe and having some benefits from this lockdown what are people’s experiences right now have you been paid your salary what percentage is your company retrenching or closing down what industry is this company in any good or bad story's to share just want to...
  2. M

    Tax Directive Outstanding

    Hey All. I'm guessing the answer to my question is to ask my company to apply to SARS for a TAX Directive, but lets paint the picture and then hear what you have to say. So, I left my last company at the end of the 2014 Tax Year, got my 2014 IRP and filed that return. I withdrew some of the...
  3. K

    Being Laid-off.. The Bastards!

    Hi MyBB friends So I work for company which is based in the UK. They have set up a South african branch where myself and the Manager work from. I had started my probationary contract on 9th September and it was for a 6 month probation period. The trouble starts at the end of Feb. My...
  4. M

    Retrenching a domestic and covering your bases - have I left anything out?

    Since my wife has started her new position beginning this year...we have decided we need to cut back a little on things, as we sometimes land up struggling, last month I had to rely on my CC - not great considering the debt already on there. Granted my wife is studying so its not like its every...
  5. LazyLion

    Cell-C retrenches middle management employees, One commits suicide

    Heard this in 702 this morning and on Twitter. Cell-C retrenched a whole lot of middle management yesterday (the rumour is that they will be replaced with ex-Vodacom employees). They were also allegedly given no package. By 8 pm last night their cellphone accounts and company petrol cards...
  6. H

    Advice: Tax on Voluntary Retrenchment Package

    Advice Please: Tax on Voluntary Retrenchment Package Hi, Hopefully someone will be able to clarify this for me as I'm getting all sorts of conflicting information from different sources. The situation is this: We're undergoing a restructure at our company and we've been told that around...
  7. jes

    Telkom staff offered voluntary severance packages

    Telkom staff offered voluntary severance packages Telkom’s non-management staff are offered voluntary severance packages, but management has the right of refusal
  8. RustyPrincess

    MTN to retrench 403 staff

  9. M

    Retrenchments on the increase?

    I have been hearing rumours in the market place that two of the major banks (I will withhold names for now) are laying-off staff big time. One of them is rumoured to be letting two and sometime even 3 people "interview" for the same position, and the rest will be "let go". Anyone able to...