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    Security issues when you root your device, are they really serious?

    I have heard that rooting your device can create some serious security issues and that a malicious attacker can gain access to your device and do some nasty things like control it, or fill it with malware or viruses. But i want to know how serious are these security "issues ". For example , can...
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    Gobii IIP (4in) Rooting

    Just incase anyone was trying to root the IIP, I managed to using really easy to do make sure 'USB debugging mode" is enabled its found in the settings in the developers options. <p>Attach the phone in MTP mode open Root Genius click the button check on your...
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    SIII rooting - does it void warranty

    Hi guys I need to know... If you were to root a Samsung Galaxy SIII... Would it void the warranty in any way ? It happens to be Vodacom... and no... its not mine. :cry:
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 Rooting

    Just thought i would start a thread that just dealt with rooted GS2 phones. I know that there is another post for the SGS2 but for me to find anything in such a huge post that ranges around anything GS2 related is a bit of a nightmare. Anyways here is something i found that helped me reset my...
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    Jailbreaking and rooting could soon become illegal again, unless you act now