1. M

    What are my rights (as a homeowner in a complex)?

    We bought a sectional title in a complex in Parklands, more than two years ago. The complex is managed by a body corporate who is utterly incapable of doing anything. The complex obviously does not have fibre and for the last two years I have been actively trying to get fibre installed in the...
  2. M

    PayPal told customer her death breached its rules

    PayPal told customer her death breached its rules
  3. J

    Online competition

    Good day Is anyone here more clued up on online competitions and the rules, if you buy a ticket to win a prize? I have been trying to get though to the Lottery commission and the gambling board and no one can assist me. Kind regards Justin
  4. T

    Outlook 2013 (0365) Rules Management

    Hi Guys, Okay this is the scenario: One of the partners here at our firm is a rule junkie, creating individuals rules for all his sectioned clients. (a couple of hundred). Now obviously the standard size by default is 64KB, which I increased via powershell to the max, 256KB. And still he...
  5. D

    VW Maintenance Plan Rules

    Hi guys, Does anyone else know that in order for the VW Maintenance/Service plan to be upheld you HAVE to have your car serviced every year, regardless of the mileage? They're telling me I've voided my service plan and must pay full price because I didn't take the car in a year ago even...
  6. LazyLion

    Botswana Toughens Travel Rules

    Botswana will no longer accept emergency travel documents for routine visits to the country, the South African home affairs department said on Thursday. In a diplomatic note to international governments, Botswana's government said: "The Republic of Botswana wishes to communicate a notice from...
  7. LazyLion

    Parliamentary Committee Erred, Concourt hears

    The failure of Parliament's programme committee to schedule a motion of no confidence for debate was unconstitutional, the Constitutional Court heard on Thursday. "What we are seeking is a declaratory that what occurred, which was the failure to schedule a motion of no confidence as lodged on...
  8. phoneJunky

    Sisters fined for chewing gum on train

    more I find it hard to believe that they were unaware of the rule as the posters are quite visible when you enter the station but I also think it is a bit harsh to detain them. Sounds like they detained them till they paid, if that is the case fine, but without any cellphone signal it does...
  9. E

    Section Rules - Read this first

    This section is aimed at informing consumers about communications issues as well as making consumers’ voices heard. To that end, this section will be moderated strictly to ensure that these aims are being achieved. A few of the rules to be followed in this section (which may be added to or...
  10. stroebs

    [RLGL] Gaming Society Rules and Regulations help

    Recently a new gaming society was created at my school and I have come to you, the forumites of South Africa (and specifically the gamers who will see this) to ask what kind of rules we should be looking at for lan gaming. Basically my school will be hosting various gaming events starting...
  11. LazyLion

    MS Outlook 2003 Rules into Outlook 2007?

    OK,... where does MS Outlook 2003 store its e-mail filtering rules? and how do I import them into Outlook 2007?