samsung galaxy s

  1. Jan

    iPhone vs Samsung smartphone prices in South Africa - 2011 to 2021

    iPhone vs Samsung prices in South Africa from 2011 to 2021 The prices of flagship smartphones from Apple and Samsung continually rose between 2011 and 2021 in South Africa, an analysis of the top-end devices released in the past ten years by MyBroadband has revealed. While some of this...
  2. N

    Samsung galaxy s or s2 at mtn

    Hi guys, Ive been trying to upgrade my phone on mtn and get the samsung galaxy s or s2 but it seems that mtn is advertising something it doesnt have. Ive been waiting 3 weeks now for the Alberton city mtn to organise me one. So my question, does anyone know of an mtn in the jhb area or the...
  3. QuintonB

    Samsung sells 30 million Galaxy smartphones

    Samsung marks 30 million Galaxy smartphone sales Over 30 milllion Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II models have been sold since release.
  4. Anthro

    'Device only contracts' ?

    Hi there all / Voda reps Is there a way for me to ONLY get the phone I want with no SIM needed ? MTN (been with them 10++years) don't have stock of either iPhone nor the Samsung Galaxy S. I want to approach local Vodashop / Vodacom4u for either of these devices. Yes / No / Maybe ? :whistle:
  5. L

    Failed to convert to upgrade mode. Please try later.

    Hi I've searched and couldn't find anything on this so I hope no one else has posted this before... I am trying to upgrade to Froyo on my Samsung Galaxy S but I got the "Failed to convert to upgrade mode. Please try later." error now for the 9th time. I've tried resetting to factory...
  6. L

    Samsung Galaxy S MTP Issue

    Hi Every time I connect my phone to my PC and I select Kies mode the MTP application opens on the phone and then after a few moments it flashes and opens again. I've searched the web and apparently its an issue with a file with an extension longer than 16 characters so I searched the phone...
  7. R

    Samsung Galaxy S i9000 for sale

    Still brand new and in the box. Please PM me with offers if interested
  8. T

    Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S - Have you tried it?

    Hi guys, I've finally gotten my first decent phone in years (always bought the crappy ones in favour of bigger Game vouchers) and I have to say, the Samsung Galaxy S is absolutely amazing, loving every second of it. Of course, with all things bright and beautiful, there are some grey...