samsung s3

  1. S

    Replacing Samsung S3 screen

    Hello. Since the S6 is actually an iPhone, I'm going to same some money and just keep my S3 for another year, or wait for the Lg G4... But my S3 only has 99.98% of the original glass left on the screen, and you can barely see the small scratch with the amount of cracks on the screen. What is...
  2. NomNom

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - Recommend me a ROM

    Hi there Can anyone please recommend me a ROM for my Samsung Galaxy S3 (International Edition), I have tried Cyanogenmod and really liked it but it was a little too buggy and battery hungry for me, I am currently running on a stock 4.3 ROM but it's really slow (got used to Cyangenmod's speed)...
  3. B

    Blackberry Z10, iPhone 5 or Samsumg S3 ???

    Hi guys, I know this is a potential can of worms, but one of my friends is looking for advice. He's been a happy BB7 user for the last 2 years, now his contract is up for renewal and is wondering if it's worth staying with Blackberry and their new Z10 device + OS, or if it's time to look at the...
  4. S

    Anyone flashed a custom ROM on their S3?

    I've been using the S3 for 2 months now and have grown to love some of the touchwiz functionality like swiping a call-log entry left to right therefore triggering the dialer. Smart Stay. Smart dialler from sms etc etc. Right now Im mulling over flashing stable CM9 or a CM10 nightly. Care to...