1. Leo_

    OpenWeb's Poor Security

    I did a password reset this evening (01-June-2021) on OpenWeb's website and I was met with one of the scariest emails I've seen in a long time. Email (spoofed info): Now if you do not understand why this is scary, it's because the password was emailed in plain text. Why is it scary? OpenWeb...
  2. dawidmsnyders

    South African spy agency could help local companies in international markets

    South African spy agency could help local companies in international markets South Africa’s spy agency is beefing up its economic intelligence unit so it can play a proactive role in supporting the nation’s companies as they expand beyond their home base. Firms that could benefit from the...
  3. Jade @ Absolute Hosting

    WHMCS Security Update 2021-02-26

  4. M

    SIM Swap fraud

    Today was my first direct experience with an illegal SIM Swap problem. I have several phones on my contract and one of these generated an official order number SMS from MTN, The next SMS stated that my new SIM(for that other phone) had been activated. I rushed off to the local MTN store in...
  5. rustypup

    Zero Day: cPanel® & WHM® Vulnerability
  6. Savy561

    Is better to use a custom DNS over the default ISP DND?

    I have never really felt the need to change my default ISP dns settings but lately whenever i see a conversation about dns, it's always better to use a custom dns such as cloudfare's or or even Google's So my question is, is there any real world benefit in changing all...
  7. Savy561

    Is a VPN necessary for torrenting in SA?

    Hi all, I torrent a lot of content that is geo blocked such as anime that is not available locally. Now I know South Africa doesn't crack down on torrenting but I currently have fibre with supersonic on the vumatel infrastructure and for the past year my public ip address has remained static and...
  8. J

    Don't worry about tap-and-pay security in South Africa

    Don't worry about tap-and-pay security in South Africa The “tap-and-pay” method of making payments is growing substantially in South Africa. With new payment methods, however, comes trepidation from customers in terms of their banking security.
  9. rustypup

    Signal - The first choice in secure messenging

    What is it? Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. It uses the Internet to send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos. Its mobile apps can also make one-to-one voice and...
  10. Anthro

    Local ADGuard + HTTPS / TLS DNS Server

    Hello forumites. Recently started experimenting with DNS over HTTPS and TLS I would love your feedback on my implementation. As of Android 9 users are able to select Private DNS to secure their queries via HTTPS / TLS. I have implemented my own server as a test of performance of the following...
  11. Anthro

    New Windows 10 ‘Extraordinarily Serious’ Security Warning For 900 Million Users

    Microsoft Windows users have got used to the monthly "Patch Tuesday" update cycle and the disclosure of fixed vulnerabilities impacting the operating system it brings with it. Because of the well-documented problems that users updating Windows 10 have suffered over the last year or two, many are...
  12. Athos

    Where can I get an incapacitating/disorientating LED Strobe Light for Security?

    Hey all, I have been looking for an LED strobe light that flashes in a way to incapacitate or disorientate (I am not sure how else to describe it) intruders attempting to get into my garage at night. Does anyone have one of these installed? If so where did you get it? I have found many...
  13. C

    Sliding door security

    Aluminum sliding door with standard lock can be lifted from the track and open. Seems to be a security problem everywhere. How does one avoid that. Thanks for your time and knowledge. peter
  14. F

    Spying on clients or something sinister going on?

    A very important feature for high end security is IP address validation to make sure someone don't hack a live logged in session. 1) User logged in 2) Connection IP address logged and if that IP address changed, the security system will log the user out and display a message "IP address...
  15. C

    Security Certifications

    Hi All, I'm a network Admin, I'm looking to do some security courses to enhance my rèsume. I need some at advice on a security course bundle that I'm looking at. CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst: CySA+ CompTIA Advance Security Practitioner: CASP Certfied Ethical Hacker: CEH Certified Information...
  16. MeNeZ

    Quick question re SA/International Cyber law

    Hi, I just have a question regarding cyber law acts that are in use in the USA like PCI-DSS/HIPAA/GLBA etc - Some are required to have internal quarterly vulnerability scans and one vulnerability scan done by an external company annually. Is SA required to do anything similar or is it more of...
  17. YourKaptain

    Rain Fixed LTE NAT Changes

    Good day, I have a client with a Hikvision NVR, using Rain's Fixed LTE as their internet connection to the NVR. Now they have been able to successfully access their CCTV System via the internet for more than 8 Months, now since earlier this week, they are no longer able to. I checked and no...
  18. J

    RSAWEB - Disclosure of Personal Information

    The following complaint was filed with ISPA (Internet Service Providers’ Association) against RSAWEB (PTY) LTD on 15 January 2019. This complaint refers to the violation of the following Code of Conduct, as stated by ISPA: Code of Conduct: C. Privacy and confidentiality 1. ISPA members must...
  19. J

    50,000 printers hacked to tell people to subscribe to PewDiePie

    50,000 printers hacked to tell people to subscribe to PewDiePie Twitter user @HackerGiraffe has hacked 50,000 printers, causing them to print a message asking users to subscribe to PewDiePie. Popular gaming YouTuber PewDiePie has had the most subscribers on the platform for years, but was...
  20. C

    Setting up secure network using a shared wifi?

    I'm hoping someone with better networking experience can confirm that I buy the right gadget to set up a secure (separate) internal network at our new offices. We are moving into shared offices and included in our rent is access to their wifi. But I don't want an open network for obvious...