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    Site structure for SEO

    Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated as I’m not a developer: I have a small ecommerce site running on a woo theme, it has been up for about 3 months and despite huge effort on content I’m simply not ranking as I believe I should. I have had some assessments done by Moz, onpage...
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    Why does my counter not work on

    HI I have different counters (jquery.countTo.js) and sometimes the counter does not work. :mad: se section under SEO plans and pricing or under References. my website is all help is appreciated Thank you :)
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    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

    If anyone has any questions or concerns about SEO I would like to help you out. Either ask a question here or send me a PM. For those that have no idea what SEO is then read on... SEO is basically getting your website to the 1st page of Google (and other search engines) for a keyword or...
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    SEO Tips for your site or blog

    Hi Some Steps that may help! It’s very limited so just look into them a bit more. Step 1 - Your Site is it optimised? Are your keywords and descriptions correct? Do you have errors on the pages, Missing links, Tags that don't conform to standards? Do you have relevant information on the...