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    Is Afrihost now officially useless?

    I originally signed up with Afrihost for home Internet to insulate me from Telkom but Telkom got so bad that I switched to another ISP who provided a direct wireless link (no fibre where I live). Now I just use Afrihost for my cell phones because I would rather deal with them than MTN or one of...
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    Altech Technology Concepts Business ADSL

    Hi Was wondering whether anyone has signed up for the ATC Business Platinum ADSL Uncapped offering at R1900 Ex VAT? I'm exploring this option for our company and would like to hear from other mybroadband users out there about their experiences. Thanks in advance MigraineBoy
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    New Screamer Wimax user ....

    I had a 384kbs uncapped installation on Friday - as expected working fine with the 0.4Mbs down and 0.2Mbs upload - this with the "test" account as it was quite late on Friday when they were finished. (Connecting in East Rand - Benoni area - tower is at Manny's, about 3km north east of JHB Intl...