1. A

    BF2 servers – availability

    Hi guys, This might be a stretch, but are there any Battlefield 2 (not Bad Company) South African servers still running or alive for PC? Thanks
  2. T

    I bricked my SGS i9000 - Need someone with soldering skills to help me fix it!

    Howzit guys, I've got a SGS i9000, which I have flashed dozens of times before, with ICS roms, Gingerbread roms, themes, radios and who knows what. Yesterday, I tried to flash the Team ICSSGS RC4.2 rom. It kept bootlooping, so I kept reverting to stock XXJVU, flashing it again, lather...
  3. C

    SGS - External SD card content not in gallery

    This was not a problem until few days ago. I can access my files via "My Files" app with no problem. I have unmounted and mounted again and I can see the details of the card in settings under SD card and Phone Storage but I cannot view my vids and pics in the gallery. I was running...
  4. C

    Another SGS user MMS problem

    There seems to always be problems with MMS on these splendid phones. I am running Darky's ROM v9.5 and before had no problems with MMS. I have deleted old MMS settings and done the device setup via the *111# service but still not luck. Error message: The application Messaging (process...
  5. C

    Mailing ebay SGS's to US hostel

    Perhaps this is not quite the right forum, but it's close enough. I'm going to stay in a New York hostel for a week after Thanksgiving, and I want to use the opportunity to grab a couple of Samsung Vibrants on the cheap for me and my brothers. I assume that the particular Vibrants do not...
  6. K

    Battlefield 2142 - Call for volunteer soldiers

    I'm a BF2142 online player. Although a 2007 game, We play it reguarly on the SGS servers . I think this is a hugely under-rated game. and would like to call on fellow gamers to join us. We have games that are between 5 and 10 players aside. The game itself is available at most places for...
  7. S

    Why SGS is no longer a viable server option for SA Gamers!

    I have been a SGS fan ever since I started gaming online.If I was playing on a GameZone(Mweb) server I would rant at the bad latencies(and anything else I could find wrong)and if I was on a SGS server I would Rave about the low pings(and anything else I could think of which included maps and...
  8. M


    Any one been on the sgs forums? Ikonboard CGI Error Ikonboard has exited with the following error: Can't connect to mySQL database. Access denied for user: 'sgsforums@196.4.79.(i have hid this)' (Using password: NO) This error was reported at: Sources/iDatabase/Driver/ line...
  9. medicnick83

    SGS Christmas Unban Gift

    For those who don't know... :)
  10. J

    Need help with COD4 cvar rate.

    Hi. I keep getting kicked on SGS by punkbuster, with a message saying cvar rate must be under 25000. I type /rate 25000 in the console and I still get kicked. Can someone tell me how to fix this please ?
  11. J

    Which patches to download for Saix COD4 ?

    Yo. Can anyone tell me which patches I should download to play COD4 on SGS ? 11/18/2007 12:00AM 11,149,280 CoD4MW-1.1-PatchSetup.exe 11/21/2007 12:00AM 14,532,064 CoD4MW-1.2-PatchSetup.exe 12/07/2007 12:00AM 14,544,960 CoD4MW-1.3-PatchSetup.exe 02/03/2008 12:35PM 11,167,560...