shared hosting

  1. R

    Gridhost vs Elitehost (Used both lately...)

    [Edit: Apologies for wrong word choice in Title, still a sleep :) ] Hi all, Just some feedback for those interested - used Gridhost and Elitehost recently (Shared Hosting) Gridhost - Horrible Service, there's no other word except maybe horrible lack of service, the call centre person I dealt...
  2. jes

    Hetzner shared hosting goes uncapped

    Hetzner shared hosting goes uncapped Hetzner has removed the data traffic quotas from its shared hosting packages
  3. S

    Reliable Shared hosting company?

    Hi guys I am currently hosting three of my blogs with Elite Host. I love them, they have a great customer support! But since the beginning of last month I have been unhappy with the amount of down times I have been seeing. So I would Like to transfer one of my blogs to one of The SA...