1. Rouxenator

    Part shared between different cars

    Here's an interesting thing. Sometimes automakers will partner up and share part to reduce cost, so you could find pars from cheap cars on more expensive ones. What are the craziest or interesting part shares you know of? To start off I spotted this small similarity between a Toyota Aygo...
  2. PurpleSnow

    Network sharing turns off

    hi there guys I have a problem on my network with only one pc that does not keep its network sharing settings. the work profile only disables the network discovery option. but the public one disables almost everything this happens randomly and i cant access the pc all other pcs can...
  3. T

    Limit/Throttle wifi

    Good day everyone, I wonder if you can help me to throttle my wifi, I see that my router has QOS, but that is like Greek to me.See screenshots below Your help will be appreciated.Basically I want to throttle the wifi connection on all ports so my roomate has slower connection and my gaming...
  4. J

    Pinterest gives users privacy with secret boards

    Pinterest introduces secret boards Social image-sharing website Pinterest has introduced a new feature, secret boards, which can keep certain posts private from other users
  5. Z

    iBurst Internet Sharing? - Mac

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to share an iBurst connection on a mac over wifi/bluetooth? Im using an iBurst usb modem in which is a PPPoE connection. My internet sharing is on but the modem doesn't pop up as an option. I did it before with a Vodacom 3G modem and it worked perfectly. Im...
  6. M

    Circle Of Fire And Using Latest APEXDC 1.5.0 Guide

    It has been a while since i wrote a comprehensive guide for Apexdc. As the new version has just been released, Enjoy It :) WHO IS CIRCLE OF FIRE We are a South African Hub, Nearly in running for 18mnths Which Hosts Cod Online as well as has a vast amount of content for our users to share It’s...
  7. M

    Circle Of Fire And Using Latest Apexdc Guide

    WHO IS CIRCLE OF FIRE We are a South African Hub, That's been running for 18mnths, Which Hosts Cod Online as well as a vast amount of content for our users to share It’s a very social meeting place, where you can chat about like minded topics as well as let loose and be yourself., We also have...
  8. U

    Share my USB 3G stick internet over my wireless router

    Hi I have a 3G stick from Cell C and a wireless router (which is connected to my desktop) which i bought to share my internet connection to my laptop/PS3 etc. All devices connect to the router perfectly but cannot get internet connectivity, my laptop say limited connectivity and the PS3 says DNS...
  9. NeonNinja

    FFS! Internet Sharing!

    I'm tired of Google now. Yesterday, I was, well, my brother could be able to connect to my Wireless NIC, and access the Internet that I shared, also he could have media access. My laptop and my brother's were not fiddled or anything. When I connect my Wi-Fi, I see that Media State is...
  10. R

    mail database possibilities

    hi guys is it possible to share a mail database between 4 users. scenario: have a mailbox that currently 4 users share, but the mailbox needs to be cleared due the mail admin not giving us more space on the exchange server. So was thinking of implementing a .pst sort of a file that can...
  11. T

    Neighbour wants to share connection

    My neighbour has approached me to use our adsl connection. I've got a Telkom Mega 100WR2 and he seems to be able to pick up the signal. In the interests of not creating extra stress for myself I was wondering if there was any way to log the traffic they were using so that if there is an...
  12. M

    Illegal download student who shared 30 songs online ordered to pay £404,000

  13. S

    Is it illegal to share Windows 7 RC1?

    Hi guys, I am setting up a few PC's for a friend of mine... I have to put some OS on as I need to install appropriate drivers n what not. But he is very "legal" so does not like any pirated goods. So I told him I would give him Windows 7 RC1 which AFAIK is Free and completely legal to share? I...