1. mercurial

    The alcoholic beverages that are worse for your skin, according to doctors

    The alcoholic beverages that are worse for your skin, according to doctors
  2. L

    Contact info for good dermatologist?

    Must be able to help with skin problems on pubic area as well. Please, quite urgent- situated in Johannesburg North Thank you in advance
  3. D

    Remove Skin Tan fast

    Hi all :) Im new here. I have been surfing too much and got a bad tan this weekend. I say bad because I am naturally a caramel skin tone and now I am seriously dark and only my face neck hands and feet because of the wet suit, this looks horrible Please some advice on how to get my...
  4. W

    When you're told you have cancer

    The first sign of trouble was 18 months ago, when my left armpit would swell, I ignored it, because I had had swelling of glands there before as a child. During the last 14 months the armpit would swell, sometimes to quite a large and painful lump, then the swelling would go down and away for...
  5. S

    Best place on the web to buy HTML/Web Site templates?

    Hey guys. Which is the best site on the net to buy HTML/Website templates? Also, would you recommend doing so? My graphic design skills and web design skills are not that great, but my software/web development skills are good. I custom build my websites using ASP.Net MVC, and would then like...
  6. D

    PLEASE help me!!!

    hey guys...... I downloaded a skin thing for my windows XP that is suppost to make it look line windows7.. i let it install and when i came back it told me i had to reboot windows, i did but B4 i saw it sayd stuff in the installation "modifying system files" when windows was shuting down...
  7. mercurial

    Man turns blue after he self-medicates for a skin condition

  8. mercurial

    Spa Treatment Burns Skin Off Teen's Body