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    Legal Advice regarding Fiberstream (old skyfi)

    Good Morning MBB. ============================================ I got this email from Fiberstream: Dear Valued Client, Please note that invoicing has now run for the month of March, if you have not received your invoice kindly send an email and we shall send it to you manually. Please Take...
  2. J

    Never ever signup with fibrestream!!!!!

    SERIOUSLY!!! I signed contract for R751.. 2months in they upped it to R803. I complain, they simply threw the book at me.. BAM!! They changed name from SKYFI to FIBRESTREAM.. my debit didn't go off.. BAM!! R150 fee.. Next month i pay them manually as the debit wont go off.. BAM!! 2 days...
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    Where is the Skyfi WISP Thread.

    Hey Guys, I was looking for the Skyfi WISP thread and got this message: What happened to the Skyfi thread? This is where it used to be. Thanks in advance.
  4. S

    Best WISP for Lakefield, Benoni

    Hello MyBB community, I am looking for a WISP that can service the portion of Lakefield, Benoni, that falls South of Sher Road/the Mosque. I have already contacted and had site survey's done with the following WISPS, but without any success (no LOS): •SkyFi •Nepic •Wiru •BSIT Does...
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    Skyfi WISP

    Any one using SKYFi WISP in Atterburry road? How is there service? There website shows price it is very attractive!