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    Where is the Skyfi WISP Thread.

    Hey Guys, I was looking for the Skyfi WISP thread and got this message: What happened to the Skyfi thread? This is where it used to be. Thanks in advance.
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    Best WISP for Lakefield, Benoni

    Hello MyBB community, I am looking for a WISP that can service the portion of Lakefield, Benoni, that falls South of Sher Road/the Mosque. I have already contacted and had site survey's done with the following WISPS, but without any success (no LOS): •SkyFi •Nepic •Wiru •BSIT Does...
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    Skyfi WISP

    Any one using SKYFi WISP in Atterburry road? How is there service? There website shows price it is very attractive!